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The Legacy of Horace Mann

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During the antebellum period, in the 1820s, Americans were facing many changes as a result of the Market Revolution, which sparked explosive economic growth through transportation and technology. In the North, the people were familiar with a rural lifestyle they were founded upon and it transformed into an industrial society through the transformation of improvements in commercialization and transportation, along with the increase in the population in the cities and town (Barbara Winslow). Evangelism played a major factor that contributed to one of many social reform movements that occurred in the 1820’s and 1830s. Many men and women who converted this enthusiastic faith of Evangelism, have assumed that is is their personal responsibilities for making changes that were necessary to their own “perfect society.” They shared characteristics such as moral dogmatism, determination for institutional change, and the belief in the goodness in human nature (Armitage).

Before the 1820’s early schools reflected the common beliefs of Puritans, they view children were sinful and that their wills had to be broken before that could be godly, but educational reformers believed in the goodness in humans nature and tended to believe that all children were born innocent and needed encouragement and some gentle nourishment if they wanted to secede. In 1827, Massachusetts first explored mandatory education by making laws that encouraged the support of public schools by public taxes. As a result, in the North and West, there was an increase of young white children attending school and there was a continuation of the advocacy for public education ( Armitage). The spread of the education developed the first real career opportunity for women at the time. This project will explore the expansion of education in America during the antebellum period as well as explore the effects of the education gained by these children. Then it will reveal the long-term effects of the educational equality. Manns fight for free and universal schooling showed the world the significance of education and knowledge to society. Manns legacy has affected the world, as free public schooling is helping children find themselves and then give back and benefit their environment.

The reformers efforts that were focused on the growth of the government school system, rather than having schools operated by local government and even support the children whose families couldn’t afford to pay for private schooling. In 1818, these reformers were awarded when the city government created a new primary school board as a result Boston became the first city in America to have a school completely Funded by the government from a primary to secondary level. Overall it would have been a better value for the people of Massachusetts to pay for the poor kids to attend to private schools, where it was known to have been better organized and provided better than tax-funded schools. (Brouillette). Manns fight for free and equal opportunity in education, no matter the background, revealed to the world the significance of education and knowledge to society.

Early colonial America was one of the freest civil society that has ever existed. Education was extended to the Americans and gave them complete access to their children’s schooling in terms of what school they go to, what teacher they have and even certain things to be taught. There were common schools (often partially financed by local taxpayers but primarily funded through private means) and specialized private schools of many kinds. The Puritans community were some of the first to create the common school that was majorly in New England. By 1720,there were more private schools and less tax funded schools in he city of Boston, and by the end of the American revolution they had none all (Brouillette). In 1817 there was a movement towards education controlled by the state that turned out to be the first in Boston. A small group of people from Boston petitioned to establish a system of government primary schools and take out the private ones, many parents were poor and couldn’t afford their children to go to school (Brouillette).

In the state constitution of Massachusetts, they decided to strengthen the tax-funded school’s primary education was up to parents private arrangements to ensure that their child is literate by the age of seven to enter the school (Brouillette). There were no central control in education in there for the schools were strictly local and organized by local workers who chose their own textbooks, staff’s and standards of their school. The members who organized were against creating government-funded schools and a majority of parents were willing to pay for their children’s Parents who couldn’t afford education, and the charity schools were offered to other parents who couldn’t afford (Brouillette). Mann was botha senator and a lawyer from massachusetts. During the popularity of me in as a politician he was invited to give professional advice and recommendation in education for the state government. During the experiment of schools, the schools across Massachusetts wherein chaos. Mann improved schools so that better education was provided to the charter school. Mann use his position in government to persuade his community that the future of their country is within the education of all students, and not just the smartest. He also considered that education would save all social ills of property, crime, greed and more (Baines).

The word education is more than just the ability to read and write but with education one’s body will be trained to protect from diseases and will have the ability to turn the world into cultivated feels in the villages and cities. With education you will be able to change the world for the better (Horace Mann). Having much of knowledge and even a higher level of it will result in discovering the truth of the complex universe, and give a person to pride and dignity of themselves. Having much knowledge and even a higher level of it will result in discovering the truth of the complex universe, and give a person to pride and dignity of themselves. They will feel happiness because the they are knowledge is affecting their minds and hearts (Horace Mann). Man states that it is necessary for general intelligence, which would exist without general education. Then assess city of common sense and a republican government is very important (Mann).

Mann’s legacy affected the world positively as many kids in America have free public schooling. Man expressed his ideas that all Americans especially the rich had shared social responsibility for the future of the country, and if one class possesses all the wealth and the education, while the residue of society is ignorant and poor, it matters not by what name the relation between them may be called: the latter, in fact, and in truth, will be the servile dependents and subjects of the former” (Mann 1965, 124) (Baines). Schools have been providing many liters of the nation with the guidance of the land. The people that are achieving knowledge will become a country’s future heroes and leaders of the armies, who will secure the piece in the community (Horace Mann). The common schools that were funded by local tax properties in the 1900s easily may be the most effective forces of civilization. Schools have produced results such as teaching the blind and deaf as proof of health education can do shocking and glorious things (Horace Mann). Mann argues that the spread of education will expand social feelings in prevents the madness in the world, developing new treasures (Mann). Today many kids have access to free schooling and parents don’t have to pay a dime for their child’s education because of Horace Mann’s enforcement of creating free public schooling.

Mann’s legacy has affected the world because children educated are receiving better opportunities and benefiting modern society. 18-year-old named Amadou ly recently who was a Senegalese refugee helped his East High Harlem high school science team Harlem high school science team. He managed to live on his own without either of his parents since he was 14 years old and has standed out on the East Harlem team. He was able to attend East Harlem’s free public school in New York not because of any of today’s senators or mayors but he should be able to thank his teachers and Horace Mann who fought for free public schooling (Baines). As people were getting the education they gain a greater income people pay their income taxes more which will support the community state and even country (Miller).

Obama stated in early 2009 that was predicted that in a few short years, most jobs available in the US “every American will need to get more than a high school diploma” and that “America cannot lead in the 21st century unless we have the best educated, most competitive workforce in the world.” There is a prediction that in a few short years most jobs available in the US will require some form of post-secondary education, which is education after high school. They are greater reasons to encourage people to pursue education. There has been research that has repeatedly shown that a college education leads to a higher income earning over one’s lifetime.

Education promotes and improves health longer life expectancy is helps develop a network of people improve personal life(Miller). With a greater education, you become a critical thinker showcase and complex and academic skills. You learn to become independent and are able to work in collaboration with them (Miller). As people gain an education, they gain greater income and more income taxes are being paid supports the community state and even the country overall.(Horace Mann) With great education, people become critical thinkers in showcase more critical in complex learning and academic skills. People learn to become independent and are able to work in collaboration in a diverse environments (Horace Mann). Mann argues that the spread of education will expand social feelings in prevents the madness in the world, developing new treasures (Mann).

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