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”One Two Three Little Indians” by Hugh Garner

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“One two three little Indians” by Hugh Garner is about a distrust between tom and his wife Tom is a man who sells baskets. The situation is also caused by Tom’s limited economy to a greater extent however, time passes and suddenly Big Tom realizes how bad their child’s condition is but then it is too late to save the child’s life. He trusts his wife to go out and work while he watches their sick baby; instead she goes out partying and does not make money to help her family. Big Tom sees her coming down from the truck with another young people and a man’s voice saying see you again sweetheart and he is left with nothing to carry him into another day.

Tom is married to Mary and she is a much younger woman the both have a baby ,Big Tom is concerned about their baby’s sickness but does not do anything about it because of his financial issues, Mary works at a trailer, he tries to maintain the house before she gets back, he covers the baby with a corner of the church donated patchwork quilt and lit the kerosene lamp their economic situation is below average Tom dresses like an Indian with a feather and everything he also believes when he wears the attire he sells more baskets , and his wife is a complete opposite of what he pictures her to be he is exposed to racism, the white people consider him as an immature child who is not supposed to live a reasonable life , Tom asked who Is going fishing and then he got a ride with the Indian Mr. Staynor had told him to see the doctor immediately and handed him a full afternoons fee.

He got to the door and asks the woman if his wife is there but she says no, a car full of bathers was pulling down to the beach and Big Tom waved his hand until it stopped he asked if he can be taken to the hospital because he’s baby is sick but the driver said he will see what he can do after he takes the girls to the beach after waiting for half an hour he set out to the high way On the high way Tom is carrying his child he notices people in cars are laughing and pointing at him then he realizes that is due to the fact that he’s still wearing the feather then he removes it and throws it in the ditch, when a car or truck came up he would step off the road and raised his hand to beg but after several times he stopped he placed his hand on the baby face reassuring himself that it was still alive it has been hours since the baby cried when he got to a stream he made his hands in form of a cup to get the baby drink he only makes it cough, it was impossible that a baby should die in their fathers arm, he waved his hand across the baby’s face keeping the mosquitoes away while at the same time crying and trying to waft a little air into the baby’s tortured lungs, but he knew the baby was dying it was too late to save it, when he reached the shanty he placed the body of his baby on the bed in the corner with a glance around the room he knew Mary had not returned.

He saw a cars head light about 100 yards down the road, when it pulled to a stop he heard voices, giggling of drunken people and a man’s voice shouted see you again sweetheart they were not aware of Big Tom until he grasped his wife by the hair and pulled her to the ground he bent down as if he was going to strike her but let her. She stared into his eyes and saw what was there. Big Tom following behind her in frustration and there was nothing left to carry him into another day he pushed away hurrying to join his wife in the vigil over their dead.

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