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Olympic Games History

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The most important part of the games. It provides an opportunity to the host nation to express and showcase its talent in front of the world. The artistic performances and the creative aspect of the ceremony are being taken care by the Danny Boyle (Artistic Director) and his team. Certain fundamental guidelines have been defined by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) regarding what needs to be included as part of the opening ceremony.

1. Receiving the Head of State of the Host Country ( One Student receives Miss Selma at the entrance of the field, they walk together to the podium) The Head of State of the host country is received at the entrance of the stadium by the President of the IOC and by the President of the Organising Committee (OCOG). 2. The parade of the participants (integrated by 20 countries 15 students from each group 6th -9th) While each delegation parades, some students will be announcing each delegation in different languages. The parade of the participants then follows. Each delegation must be preceded by a name board bearing its name and must be accompanied by its flag. The delegations parade in alphabetical order according to the language of the host country, except for Greece, which leads the parade, and for the host country, which brings up the rear. 3. The speech by the President of the Organising Committee (Algún alumno de 9th) The President of the OCOG gives an address, then adds these words: “I have the honour of inviting …, President of the International Olympic Committee, to speak.” 4. The speech by the IOC President (Miss Selma)

The President of the IOC then gives a speech which he ends with, “I have the honour of inviting … (alumno de 9th) to proclaim open the Games of the Olympiad of the modern era.” 5. The Head of State declares the Games open (alumno de 9th) The Head of State proclaims the Games open by saying: “I declare open the Games of … (Thomas Jefferson Querétaro) celebrating the XXX Olympiad of the modern era.” 6. The playing of the Olympic Anthem and the entry and raising of the Olympic Flag While the Olympic anthem is being played, the Olympic flag, unfurled horizontally, is brought into the stadium and hoisted on the flag pole erected in the arena. The last stage of the Olympic Torch relay and the lighting of the Olympic cauldron The Olympic torch is brought into the stadium by runners relaying each other. The last runner lights the Olympic cauldron. The Olympic Flame shall not be extinguished until the closing of the Olympic Games. 7. The symbolic release of the pigeons

8. The national anthem of the host country (I would play the ITJ Anthem) The national anthem of the host country is then played. 9. The artistic programme (this is when the parents are invited to visit the different Olimpic statons) This is followed by the artistic programme designed and developed by the organising committee for the opening ceremony.

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