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Moral problem on Educational Tour

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The primary objective and intent of the school in conducting field trips is to awaken intelligence in the educator and the student. This has to be kept in the forefront of all activities in the school academic or otherwise both at the time of design and at the time of implementation of such activities. Although we do not have a blueprint of how to awaken this intelligence, we do know that one of the important factors required is an attentive state of mind. We also know that this attentive state of mind cannot be forced, ordered or planned. It can come into being under certain conditions—when fear is absent, when there is the joy of discovery, when the mind has the quality of quietness and is not preoccupied with achieving an objective or end.

Educational trip that form a part of the school curriculum are very valuable as they provide the students the opportunity of learning through travel, especially to places that they may not otherwise get to visit. Apart from this, the trips also provide relief from the drudgery that academic study sometimes becomes, an opportunity for close interaction with peers that students enjoy so much, and a chance for the teachers to observe and interact with the students in a structure different from and more informal than the classroom. More important, however, these trips emphasize the attentive mind,enabling a sense of discovery and a quality of quietness. And this emphasis need not come in the way of such trips being “fun” as they are meant to be.

Before the development of publicly regulated schooling, students learned by following their teachers to areas of interest or by apprenticing themselves to master in their intended fields. This hands-on learning lives on today through the idea of field trips, which many teachers use to get students out of the room. Field trips provide an opportunity for teachers to engage and motivate their students for greater learning. These trips can provide a chance for a students to see their subjects and information in use in the real world, which can foster a greater desire to learn. Embarking on a field trip can also help students understand the information better. Standing in the shoes of a person who has mastered information or someone who has experienced life better through learning, can help develop a student’s.

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