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Male or Female Teachers

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The battle of the sexes is perhaps one of the most common discussions that have ever taken place. Each gender seems to have an innate need to try to prove that their gender is better than the opposite. This discussion created the entire nation of feminism, sexism which spawned countless books and many arguments. Gender difference provide content for discussion in a variety of media including movies, television, books, magazine and research. However, differences between female and male teacher have not been fully researched and analysed. Hence, this study explores teacher’s and student’s perception of female and male teachers effectiveness. Understanding teacher’s perception of gender-based differences among Negeri Sembilan Matriculation College (KMNS) teachers can lead to better improvements in teaching education and professional development programmes. It also may lead to the recruitment of more men into the teaching profession. In addition, collecting perception of teachers and students may lead educator to better understanding of why there are so few male teacher. Teacher interact differently with student of similar gender than they do with student of opposite gender.

Likewise, a teacher’s perception of student characteristic and ability appear to vary systematically by gender. Other studies, found male student benefit at the expense of female student in the amount and quality of interaction received from teacher of both gender. On average, student of male teacher score worse than a student of female teachers. These cast doubt to the argument that teachers instruct student differently based upon sex of students. The presence of a teacher really affects the life of a student. Teachers play a big part in the lives of their students. A teacher has the main role to be a mentor. Mentors as role models, they acclimate new students to their school and help students to be the best in every aspect. Being a mentor takes a great deal of time and expertise. It also makes a significant contribution to the development of proficient students. Teachers should also be catalyst for change, visionaries who are never content with the status quo but rather always looking for a better way (larner,2004,page 32).

Teachers who take one the catalyst role feel secure in their own work and have strong commitment to continual improvement. They pose question to generate better thinking analysis of their students. Teacher also act as learning facilitators who facilitate professional learning among students. Teacher not only help in progress of their students but also learning from them. Hear what students have to say and assist them. Therefore, learning becomes more relevant, focused and is aligned to fill gap in student learning. Teaching profession is the most exciting job in the world. Everyone has their own opinion about the best teacher for them. The description about the best teacher is not only about their characteristics being as a teacher, but the technique they apply in teaching student that make the student feel comfortable know their teacher cares about their success. When teaching, teachers are the only person that can make a comfortable atmosphere in their classroom. The atmosphere the teachers make will make the students feel the excitement in their classroom. In teaching, teacher must use a variety of renewed interest in the subject matter.

This technique can attract students interest to study. The variety that teacher use must involve co-operation with other students. At the same time, unity among race will exist. Teacher have to make sure that the pair of their students are not same in every activities. The variety for instance can capture students attention for what will be presented by the teachers. There are many variety of learning activities that teachers can use it. These are some suggestions of variety of learning activities. Teacher can use music, instructional games, storytelling, and LCD projection using power point. Teacher can choose any music that connect with their teaching session. Besides, most students like to hear music. This will make them enjoy studying in the classroom. The instructional games like scrabble, hangman and quizzes will make students not bored in class. On the other hand, teacher can do storytelling to their students. The story that teacher choose will affect the students interest in learn more about the subject. Next, teacher can use LCD to teach in the classroom. The variety in teaching will provide new environment in the class. The best teacher know how to handle the situation in the class. In teaching, teachers must have a plan lesson before enter the classroom. The most important thing in teaching is the objective.

Teachers must know what they want the student get in their class. The objective must based on the learning outcome in the syllabus. When there is objectives, teachers will know what they are going to do and teach in the class towards the objective. The best teachers must have solid plan for the lesson. This is because the plan that the teacher build will make the teaching lesson go in the right pathway. The teacher can know whether their objectives are achieved or not by recording the student achievement based on the test or quizzes .From that, teacher can analyse the student’s achievement in that subject. One key quality which good teachers posses is respect. This means the teacher respects the students and the students respect their teacher. But some of students are often disrespectful to their teacher, and some teachers are disrespectful to their students and do not engage in a productive relationship with their students .Students performance in school are always related closely to their relationships with their teachers.

Therefore, as a role model to students, teachers should show their respect to students. Respecting other people does not means that we are dishonoured or that is only for people with high position or achievements. Respect is for everyone. Everyone has the right to be respected and excluded students. Life is just like mirror, what we see in the reflection is exactly what we show out. When teachers have a strong sense of respect to their students, they will eventually get back the same how it went, the teacher will have a better time teaching. They can quickly learn the strength and weakness of their students and help each student work to fix the weakness. Students will recognise this and become motivated to work harder in school to prove to themselves and others that they can improve. Teachers that have student’s respect will be taken more seriously and have more authority in class. A good teacher will definitely avoid gratuitous harshness and callous feedback like “We have been over and over this, when are you planning to learn it?”or “Did you learn anything last term?”.

They will also listen to the students and never talks down to them. A positive classroom climate is vital to establish so that students can feel safe and valued. One way to make it into reality is no doubt, a positive attitude and it all starts from a teacher with a positive mind set a soon as he steps into the school. If the teachers have a positive attitude, they will believe and act as if all students will be successful in the class. If teachers have positive attitudes there are no losers in the classroom despite what they have might heard. Eventually, students will live up to their expectations and become successful ones. A positive teacher would not prejudge their students.

They put their trust on the students and convince them that they can do the best. They would not give up or being disappointed easily even when there are problems caused by students. Instead, they would always continue believing and wishes the best for their pupil’s success just like they first knew the students. As conclusion, this is the issue that we would like to bring forward for our group to have better understanding as it is a very important matter that a developing nation should concern about for making a better student in the future.

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