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Gay Essays

How Advertising Contributes To The Formation Of Stereotypes

Beyond the readings, what would you add to this discussion? Be clear in your argument and substantiate your rationale. The author of the reading suggests that advertisers often include a range of stereotypes in their adverts in an attempt to target or appeal to a specific niche or demographic. Due …

About Sexuality of Characters in The Harry Potter Series

The Harry Potter series depicts a magical world that responds with hatred to anyone who is different. J.K Rowling offers a diverse story that parallels to the real world filled with social differences. However, never in the novels does she mention the existence of a queer character or anything other …

Debates on Contemporary Gay Culture

The rise of queer theory (not to be confused with queer studies which is a much broader critical theory of gender identity and sexuality) as critical discourse can find its historical roots in gender studies, lesbian and gay studies and feminism (to name a few) but its essence can be …

The Gay Marriage Debate: A Misleading Issue?

Abstract The paper examines the parallel development of marriage and gay issues converging on contentious controversy surrounding gay marriage. The author contends that marriage and gay issues are two different things with different histories though converging on the question of human relationships, specifically same sex unions or relationships. The article …

Arguments For Gay Marriage

            Gay marriage is also known as same sex marriage or a marriage between two people of the same sex. In the United States the issue has already become a political thing with a social movement emerging that was meant to fight for their rights.  This started in the 1970s …

Same-Sex Marriage Should not be Legalized

  Introduction             Although most people have a strong opinion about marriage, no one seems to be quite sure what marriage exactly is. In modern times, human beings have developed as many ways of living together in a union as they have developed new languages. Different cultures also have very …

Minority Rule: A Critical Review and Analysis of Katha Pollitt’, “Gay Marriage”

Introduction Author Katha Pollitt argues for the acceptance of homosexual marriage and concludes “gay marriage is not about sex, it’s about separation of church and state.” Thesis: In reality, gay marriage is about minority rule and the attempt to force a value and belief system upon the vast majority of …

Impact of gay marriage

The issue of gay marriage has proved to be perhaps the most controversial issue in contemporary political and social debate, splitting the American pubic into supporters and opponents. The fact that these marriages have already been legalized elsewhere adds fuel to the debate focusing on central issues of definition of …

Children of Lesbian and Gay Parents

Introduction             The issue of lesbians and gays raising children has drawn much attention in the past years as an increasingly number of states has recognized the legality of same sec marriages. In the past, the concern over whether lesbians and gays be allowed to legally bind their union took …

Penny Gay Defines Comedy as a Genre

The comedy of the Importance of Being Earnest uses spoken language to convey comical actions rather than physical actions. The Importance of Being Ernest is a drama because of its origins as a play, but also a contextual comedy as the characters follow the general format of falling in love …

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