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Gender Identity Essays

McCandless Wilderness Journey

This essay will prove that McCandless was searching for life’s meaning and a new way to live, independence and happiness, and a journey that he has never experienced. Chris J. McCandless aka Alexander Supertramp was an American hiker who sought an increasingly nomadic lifestyle. He was a man that when …

Character Analysis With the Concept of Hegemonic Masculinity and Representational Intersectionality

The American adaptation of The Office reinforces various stereotypes found in the workplace through humor. This sitcom follows the daily lives of the employees at the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company located in Scranton, Pennsylvania. The whole point of the show is to satirize the culture of the business world. Although …

Race and Gender in the American West

Ideas regarding what the American west is and where it is located have been widely argued since the time of Frederick Jackson Turner in in the 1890’s. Is the west a place? A process? Turner believed that the frontier was a process of expanding westward and developing civilizations. Those who …

Gender Roles in Courtship and Marriage

The sun rises and shines during daytime and the moon at night but the two cannot shine at the same time and even then the sun still shines brighter. As it is with Rosalind in, As you like it, by William Shakespeare, Rosalind is a dominant character in the play …

Self Identity During the Harlem Renaissance

In Claude McKay’s Home to Harlem, mainly set in Harlem the story of Jake Brown is told as he returns from France, after deserting the US Military to come back to America. In Wallace Thurman’s The Blacker the Berry… we follow Emma Lou Morgan as she faces colorism within her …

The Connection Between Language Use and Gender

It is clear that men and women have a variety factors that make them distinctly different. They are different by their physical appearance, their beliefs and on an interesting note, their speech patterns. Between men and women, there are identifiable linguistic features that support the claim that men and women …

College Student Housing: Gender-Inclusive Housing and Traditional Dorms 

It is well established that lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and gender nonconforming (LGB/TGNC) individuals experience more negative mental health outcomes compared to heterosexual and cisgender counterparts (Lindquist, Livingston, Heck & Machek, 2017; McCarthy, Fishter, Irwin, Coleman & Pelster, 2015; Woodford, Han, Craig, Lim, & Matney, 2014; Grant et al., 2014) …

 Race and Gender Matters Arguments by Cornel West and Judith Butler 

In the book, Race Matters, Cornel West asserts that the main drawback to harmonious relations among races in the U.S. is attributable to nihilism (West 2). It is important to note that nihilism refers to the tendency of African Americans feeling worthless. Therefore, Cornel West asks the Whites and Blacks …

What Gender Fluid Means

Gender and biological sex are things we are all familiar with yet somehow are unfamiliar with at the same time. For so long, especially in the older generations, people thought of gender and biological sex as one in the same. However, in reality they are two different things with two …

Gender And Sexuality 

Arrow of god focuses on the fight for authority between the Africans and the Europeans. An identified issue within the novel is gender and sexuality. Masculinity plays a role in the disunity amongst the people and is reflected through the conflict of power characterizing the competition between the struggles of …

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