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Anthropology Essays

Social Sciences: Geography, Anthropology, Sociology, Eeconomics and Psychology

Geography is the study of the physical parts of the earth and its atmosphere, geography can also be the study of the human activity. Every day, geography affects our daily lives. Examples of geography affecting us on a regular basis are shown from everyday experiences. The environment constantly affects us, …

Presentation on Leslie White

Background Info: * 1900-1975 * Born in Salida, Colorado * After his parents divorced when he was 5, he and his two siblings moved with his father into a farm near Greeley, Kansas o There, they had no indoor plumbing, running water or electricity o But, they had a fine …

Frozen Cow Juice v. Your George Washingtons

From its birth in the 4th century, conceived in the mind of the Roman Emperor Nero, and King Tang of China in the 6th century, ice cream has reined a coveted and lusted after delicacy, with vanilla its king. However, with this current economic position, money is one thing Americans …

Anthropology: Study Notes (Trobrianders)

Processes of Change and Transformation Cultural Change Mechanisms of change * Four types of change: innovation, diffusion, cultural loss, adaptation * Innovation: process whereby a culture adapts to new things, ideas, or behaviour patterns (divided into primary and secondary innovation) o Primary innovation: chance discovery or invention of a new …

Pacification of the Primitive Tribes in Lower Niger

My objective for this written task is to make an emphasis on the ignorant attitude of the District Commisioner and all the invading forces, towards the culture and traditions of the natives in Nigeria. The purpose of the book “Pacification of the Tribes in the Lower Niger” is to prove …

Is anthropology the Fundamental Discipline concerned with Humans?

Anthropology, according to the literal definition is an academic discipline for the study of human beings (anthro means human beings and logy means to study). It studies human under other biological, cultural, economical, and social layers. It is a study focusing on all the aspects of human beings, i.e., how …

Cultural Anthropology Entrance

            To become a registered nurse in the future requires standardized continuing education involving different courses which aim to master the field of nursing through extensive clinical skills. This is not an easy academic arena to pursue given the fact that a nursing student must go through a variety of …

Argonauts of the Western Pacific by Bronislaw Malinowski

Introduction Renowned as the father of the functionalist school of anthropology, Bronislaw Malinowski was a British anthropologist with Polish decent and nobility who was born on the 7th of April 1884. Functionalism is a socio-anthropological model that views social institutions such as society as cooperative channel to satisfy individual needs …

Anthropology And The State

            In the earlier years, belonging to our ancestors, there seems to be a semblance of a state but this state is not the state that we know now. In this aspect, it would seem that the beginnings of a state came from the ancestral groups that had roamed free …

Ju Hoansi

In 1963, Richard B. Lee went to southern Africa to study a tribe called the !Kung in an area of Botswana known as the Dobe. Six years later, Marjorie Shostak traveled to Africa to live with the !Kung hoping to discover, in particular, how the lives of !Kung women differed …

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