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Macbeth Draft

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*1st Draft Edit* : ‘Macbeths’ Relationship:- Para 1= What the essay is about Para 2= What characters excist in the essay Para 3= Intensions of having Lady Macbeth in the play Para 5= How the couple help each other Para 6= Roundup Overall ?OPTIONAL? Paragraph 1:- *This essay is about the powerful and complex relationship between ‘Macbeth’ and Lady Macbeth and how Lady Macbeth plays an essential role in the devious killing plot in the play MACBETH as Shakespeare* makes this relationship such a central issue. This essay also looks at* ‘Macbeth’ and Lady Macbeth as* character*s* and as th*ey help each other through their* mental breakdown together in the play. Paragraph 2:- ‘Macbeth’ seems to be a very heroic character and takes everything in his stride such as his herioc battle after *which he becomes the new Thane Of Cawdor. Evidence Shows that ‘Macbeth’ is brave and heroic by ‘Macbeth’ unseeming his enemy in the battle in the begining of the play as the battle was not seen* such as in Act 1 Scene 2 “ For brave Macbeth for he deserves that name…which he never shook hands nor a brave farewell to him, till he unseemed him from the nave to the chaps”, this also shows he is an able warrior*.

Later on in the play as ‘Macbeth’ kills King Duncan he seems to slowly have a mental breakdown as such because he *didn’t know why *he had killed his friend the King. This weakened ‘Macbeth’as a character because he was imagining strange images infront of him that reminded him of the murder he had commited* such as he saw daggers pointing to King Duncans room*. He still manages to keep himself together. I think from the readers point of view this shows he has bravery and courage through his actions in both battl*e and the murder of King Duncan. As ‘Macbeth’ is king, when he turns up in a scene*,* dramatic devices are used such as trumpets to create and effect that ‘Macbeth’ is a royalty. Once the murder was commited on King Duncan in the play, Lady Macbeths character slowly fell apart just like ‘Macbeth’ as she also were imagining strange images infront of her such as the constant sight of blood on her hands from the King that wouldnt wash away. Lady Macbeth also kept her mental strength only just together as people around ‘Macbeth’s castle were getting suspicious of what was going on as Banquo ‘Macbeth’s friend were murdered my ‘Macbeth’s henchman.

Paragraph 3:- *I think that Shakespeare had* many intent*ions of adding L*ady Macbeth in the play as she was the main reason why ‘Macbeth’ commited the murder on King Duncan because she *per*sauded/brainwashed him to do it. Every time ‘Macbeth’ would meet Lady Macbeth, she would seem as she were in a light area/setting to make ‘Macbeth’ seem that she is like an angel to him and that she could save him from himself even know she couldnt because she was having the same greif as ‘Macbeth’. Here are a few reaso*ns why i think Lady Macbeth was* added to the plot:- Lady Macbeth was someone who ‘Macbeth’ could talk to behind the scene about the murder without anyone else knowing around them both, acting like a friend as well as a wife and would benefit directly as she would share Macbeths riches. Lady Macbeth helped come up with the plan to kill King Duncan for ‘Macbeth’ to become the king.

*Lady Macbeth convinced ‘Macbeth’ to carry on the secresy of the murders going on around the castle such as King Duncan, Banquo and the others that were *n*o*t successfully killed and ran away from ‘Macbeth’s henchman. *When a King or Queen ruled a country the King or Queen Would have a partner on throne *with them e.g. (British Queen Victoria). I think Lady Macbeth helped add to the realism of the murder plot and the realism of the whole play to life a*s she and ‘Macbeth’ had power over* Scotland sitting in their cosy castle. *Paragraph 4/5*:- *In the play MACBETH, Lady Macbeth influences ‘Macbeth’ inso many ways that whilst reading the play, that you do not realise this. Lad*y Macbeth seems to be the domina*nt leader in the realtionship between Lady Macbeth and ‘Macbeth’.

Evidence of this is th*at when ‘Macbeth’ starts to lo*se himself and panick, Lady Macbeth manages to get his grip back together such as when ‘Macbeth’ sees banquo sitting at the dinner table after his henchman killed Banquo as hes not really sitting at thee table, then when ‘Macbeth’ goes back to his room in the castle, Lady Macbeth takes control and handles the situation.* But when a situation comes to strategy and battle, ‘Macbeth’s manly brave sides takes over the weak scarred side of him such as at the end of the play when an army from England is sent to kill ‘Macbeth’ and hi s men/army. ‘Macbeth’ told him and Lady Macbeth that there were no point in living with the trouble and mentall state of mind they were both in but ‘Macbeth’ carryed on and died in battle.

Paragraph 6:- In the play MACBETH, both Lady Macbeth & ‘Macbeth’ help each other and does make sense in Lady Macbeth taking a central issue and character in the plot/play, in the relationship between Lady Macbeth & ‘Macbeth’, ‘Macbeth’ is the brave warrior and Lady Macbeth is the strong backbone which keeps them going even known Lady Macbeth is not essential to the taking part in the plot neither the action. Macbeth thinks of Lady Macbeth as she is like an angel because he loves her ( Act 1 Scene 5 line 57 “my dearest love…”) As she has alot to say to Macbeth in the play such as the very long sections on the play (All of Act 1 Scene 5).

Macbeth thinks that Macbeth is her brave warrior after Macbeth commited the murder because before this, she teased him about not being more than a man to kill King Duncan. Lady Macbeth prays to the spirits to be a man beacuse before Macbeth agrees to commit the murder, she wishes she could be a man to do the plan. Before the killing of King Duncan, Macbeth and Lady Macbeth are perefectly happy together as Lady Macbeth were at home doing her dutys as a wife as Macbeth was at battle in which after he came the Thane Of Cawdor. But after the killing, Macbeth & Lady Macbeth were unsettled as many subjects and friends of them around the castle maybe knew what was going on around the castle ( the killing) in the play.

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