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Lullabies for little criminals

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“I had never meant Kent, but Jules got me so worked up about him” (4) “Everyone was living a sort of fictional existence”
“The smoke in the dark looked like the dove that whispered the future to saints in paintings” (6) “There is always the sound of children roller skating at the end of every record” (6) “I wished that I could get lost, just to know what it felt like” (6) “The sky was the color of television static”

“We gave each other seven kisses for good luck”
“He started gesticulating in a way that made it seem as if he was having an imaginary argument in his head” (7) “It made me happy because I thought everyone saw that he had a nice smile. I didn’t like how people always gave the right-of-way” (7) “I swung the leg again and hit Jules in the shin” (8) [Funny] “Whenever things were going well, I started to feel vain” (9) “Jules had a gift for finding wonderful garbage at the thrift store” (9) “I made her dance on the coffee table, recounting her life story, until Jules and Lester were ready to commit suicide from boredom” (9) “Jules and his friends had been calling heroin chocolate milk for years… I didn’t know how I knew I just did” (10) “For a kid, I knew a lot of things about what it felt like to use heroin, just from looking and listening” (10) “Get lost, okay?”

“I spotted a big rock on the ground. I picked it up and pretended it was an injured bird and held it in my hand and stroked it. I encouraged it to stay alive and whispered to it that it would fly again soon. Then I put in my pocket with the other rocks I rescued” (12) “Come on, Roxy, please, Rocky. How about giving me a little piece of ass” (14) “You have to lose your virginity when you turn twelve” (15) “I had sex with a man for fifty bucks”

“as if I were the only human left in the world”
“They were trying to kick you out of childhood. Once you were gone, there was no going back, so you had to hold on as long as you could. Marika was beckoning from the other side” “Jules had always told me that if I met someone dangerous to run back home”  “I’m sorry I told you to get lost earlier”

“He dragged me down the hall and threw me out of the house”  “To Jules it was the antithesis of all that was good and civilized in the world” (20) “That’s why he had lousy lungs now and always had to see doctors about them” (20) [Blaming his health on others] “He woke up realizing there were flames all around him. After that his father kicked him out of the house” (20) “Unlike them, I had come from a country of great mystery and pain” (21) “His mouth like ribbons being pulled off a present” (21) “But I liked him there right next to me, stoned and not going anywhere. I felt protected and perfect.” (22) “The smallest that a family can be is two members, and that was Jules and me” (24) “All of a sudden that doll had personality”

“All my stupid ugly things were in there”

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