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Insomnia Essays

Lavender Is a Plant That Helps You Fall Asleep

Sleep, increased clairvoyance and calming qualities are just a few of the properties of this outstanding and unique flower. The vibrant purple and pale green of this flower make it the perfect addition to any garden or yard. Rich in history lavender is also rich in magical and healing properties. …

Methods of Combating Adolescent Depression

There are different forms of depression and each one is distinctly different. Some different forms of depression include “premenstrual depression, postpartum depression, seasonal depression, and persistent depression (or dysthymia) that occur alongside other mental health issues such as bipolar disorder or schizophrenia”. There are so many different forms of depression …

Why People Dream and What They Mean

In this essay i will be talking about dreams and how they work. Ever wondered what actually is a dream? How do they work? Why do we have them? I will answer all of these questions in my psychology paper. So what is a dream? People think dreams are many …

The Role of Calcium in the Proper Functioning of the Human Body

Calcium was discovered in 1808 by Humphry Davy. The name comes from the Latin ‘calx’ meaning lime. Calcium is the most common mineral in the body. This mineral is required for the formation of bones and for everyday bodily functions like muscle contractions and blood clotting. Calcium plays many major …

Weight Management as an Effective Way to Maintain a Healthy Body Weight

Weight management is the process of creating a lifestyle modification to help maintain healthy body weight. There are many factors to take into consideration when it comes to weight management, such as person’s age, sex, weight and height. Weight management will be completely different for everyone even if the person …

Treatment Of Generalized Anxiety Disorder

The article I chose to write about is entitled “A Randomized Controlled Trial of Emotion Regulation Therapy for Generalized Anxiety Disorder With and Without Co-Occurring Depression.” The article starts off by explaining what GAD is. GAD is also known as Generalized Anxiety Disorder. It is a burdensome condition that causes …

Can We Take Probiotics Instead of Antibiotics? 

A substance that inhibits the growth bacterium called an antibiotic. Antibiotics are widely used for to treat infectious diseases can lead to damage microbial environment in side the gut. However, Commercially available antibiotics are reported for various side effects (such as Rash, diarrhea, abdominal pain, nausea/vomiting, drug fever, hypersensitivity (allergic) …

How to Be a Centenarian Anti-ageing Secrets

Functional Medicine is a legitimate approach to live a happy healthy and long life. It encompasses a whole-body approach and it pays attention to addressing the root cause of all chronic lifestyle diseases. I had an opportunity to closely watch the lifestyle of some centenarians and it surprised me to …

Mental Health of the Child and Its Impact on Life

On February 3, 2019 an article was published on sciencenews.org about why it’s highly important to diagnose people with depression and/or anxiety early in life. It goes in depth on how the effects of anxiety and depression worsen over time and how it affects people. The article states that kids …

The Impact of Smartphones on Human Sleep

With the development of science and technology, smartphones have become a useful and important part of an individual’s lifestyle1. The highest mobile phone usage is found to be in the age group 25 – 34 at the rate of 62%, from which 53% users being males and 47% users being …

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