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Why People Dream and What They Mean

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In this essay i will be talking about dreams and how they work. Ever wondered what actually is a dream? How do they work? Why do we have them? I will answer all of these questions in my psychology paper. So what is a dream? People think dreams are many different things. For instance indians used to interpret dreams as what can forhold the future for them and what will happen to them later on in life. Also they thought they could tell whether or not danger is coming to (According to “Dreaming.” Psychology Today, Sussex Publishers,)soon or not. Egyptians used to think dreams were there fortune tellers. That they told how there prophcy would play out. Now for the psychology term for a dream. Dreams are stories our brain tells us during our slumber. They take people we have seen, images, clips, locations, memories, and feelings that we have had and been too before in our lives and blends them together to create a weird story.

Dreams occur during the REM stage when we sleep. REM stands for Rapid Eye Movement. Our eyes move rapidly when we are in this stage. People have said that in there dreams that the places they have been to blend together, like for instance if you have been to a playground and your house you would prolly have the playground in or around your house. Anyway this is why i think dreams are so interesting and why i chose this topic. I have always been amused about how the human brain works and what stories it beholds and how it even makes us have dreams every night but we cant always remember our dreams.

Why Do Dream

Why do we dream? This particular answer is what researchers and psychologist have been searching for a long time now. Nobody really knows why we dream but there are a couple theories. Some theories are memory consolidation, emotional regulation, and threat simulation. Memory consolidation is the most believed of the theories. Most people wake up from vivd dreams thinking and wondering if and what it could be telling them. For instance, native americans thought dreams told there destiny and forhelled there future.

Dreams have always amused me because i have always wondered why have them. Also how you can control some dreams and even how we dream every night and don’t remember them. But i guess it will be a question without answer forever. Dreams are a mystery and make people wonder why do we dream about our past and how they blend together and why we can have the same dream over and over. Nightmares are a type of dream that everyone have. They are also called bad dreams. Nightmares are dreams where we get scared and when you wake up paranoid. Night terrors is like dreams but they can cause paranoia and insomnia. Which makes people not want to sleep because they are afriad that they will have the night terrors again. But there is medication that people can take to help with the night terrors and help people sleep. This why dreams are unique, because they are unpredictable and you never know when you will remember them or even know you have them at all. For instance my friend can remember every dream she has had and keeps track of them.“Dreaming.” Psychology Today, Sussex Publishers.”)

What Dreams Mean

According to ( “9 common dreams and what they supposedly mean”, by Very Well Mind)a pole 43% of people believe that dreams have a bigger and deeper meaning. They believe that dreams reveal wishes and desires of their future. I believe this is somewhat true because i have felt like this before, because i have wanted something really bad and had have had a dream about it.

For an example, i so anxious to play the first summer ball game with my team this summer considering it would be my first game back after of just fracturing my ankle. Or another time i was ready for districts and i had a dream that we won and of course we won our 6th district tournament in a row. Now about different common dreams. The first one is dreams about falling from high places. I am sure we have all heard the myth that if you hit the ground you die in real life. Researchers have came up with a theory that dreams about falling is a sign that your life is not going to good. Even though it is common it is a sign of fear in your life. (Cherry, Kendra. “9 Common Dreams and What They Supposedly Mean.” Verywell Mind, Dotdash, )

Lucid Dreams

What is a lucid dream? A lucid dream where you can control your dream and how it plays out. In a lucid dream, you can play around with extraordinary abilities. For instance you could fly or drive your favorite car. You could even be like superman or have anything in the world you want. To me i think lucid dreaming is the coolest type of dream you can have. I just think lucid dreams are interesting because of all the stuff you can do and access in parts of your brain. They allow you to explore your mind and what lies between your unconsciousness and the real world. I can remember one lucid dream i had i was hoping from platform to platform in mid-air and they all had mailboxes on them. I opened all the mailboxes and they all had the same letter from my mom. Meanwhile i was way above the clouds, then i woke myself up. Dreams are honestly my favorite thing to talk about because we all have different dreams. I have always wondered what goes on in other people’s minds. Like what are they thinking about, what do they dream about? Dreams are one of the things that will never be explained in my opinion.(Cherry, Kendra. “9 Common Dreams and What They Supposedly Mean.” Verywell Mind, Dotdash).

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