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Sleep Deprivation Essays

Possible Mechanisms Underlying Sleep-Related Movement Disorders and Hypertension

First, sudden increases in BP seen with PLMS, probably due to sympathetic activation and vagal withdrawal, may be responsible for elevated BP seen in subjects with RLS and frequent PLMS [Bertisch Sleep 2016, Sforza Clin Neurophysiol 2005, Guggisberg Sleep 2007, Pennestri Neurology 2007]. As with subjects with OSA, this is …

Firefighter Fatigue

Firefighter fatigue is a growing concern among firefighters and the public. Consequences of emergency workers not being able to perform at peak physical and mental capacity has become a crisis. Why are more fire departments not addressing the problem of fatigue a priority? Policies that have been in place for …

Сonstant sleep deprivation

If you’ve ever spent a night tossing and turning, or you went to bed late from studying or doing a project, you already know how you’ll feel the next day — tired, cranky, and out of sorts. Take it from me, a middle schooler, it’s not easy. But missing out …


“Sleep is such a luxury, which I can’t afford.” (Sikarwar, 1989) Some of us get eight hours, while some of us get six hours, and some individuals are even lucky to get four hours of sleep. How many are you getting? Sleep is important to living and maintaining a happy …

Is Memory Affected by Sleep Deprivation?

Sleep deprivation is a condition that occurs when someone has had a lack of sleep. Sleep deprivation is such a bad condition that it affects the body’s ability to function correctly. For instance, sleep deprivation is connected with a huge difference in the nerve transmitters and the nerve modulators, such …

Loss of sleep

Sleep deprivation is an escalating, global health problem. Individuals, of all ages, are experiencing the detrimental effects of sleep loss—whether heredity or by other explanations. Evidence has displayed both acute and chronic effects on health—disruption in behavior, mood, and immune system, as well as, susceptibility to obesity and illnesses. Briefly, …

Aging in the News: “The brain may clean out Alzheimer’s plaques during sleep”   

From ScienceNews magazine, new neuroscience research have recently come about about the effects of Alzheimer’s disease, specifically sleep. Patients with Alzheimers have difficulty sleeping as well as build up of amyloid-beta protein. Although the research on the effects of sleep deprivation is new, Dr. Barbara Bendlin (neuroscientist) found that those …

Lack of Sleep

College students across the globe display a constant complaint of sleep deprivation and alack of concentration. A 2010 ​Journal of Adolescent Health​ study reports that 60% of collegestudents lacked good-quality sleep, in accordance with the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index, and infact, consumed prescription drugs in order to assist in the …

Sleep and academics

‘College students are just older adolescents and are still dealing with adolescent physiology, such as a delayed sleep phase” (Carskadon et al. 2004; Gaultney 2010). According to the National Sleep Foundation, “59% of adults 18 to 29 years of age describe themselves as night-owls.” Being “night-owls” has led to a …

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