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Lavender Is a Plant That Helps You Fall Asleep

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Sleep, increased clairvoyance and calming qualities are just a few of the properties of this outstanding and unique flower. The vibrant purple and pale green of this flower make it the perfect addition to any garden or yard. Rich in history lavender is also rich in magical and healing properties. This flower has a multitude of uses in daily life and for a number of purposes.

Lavender is thought to have been cultivated originally in the Mediterranean regions and India. As such native lavender or Lavandula is native in Africa, Europe, Arabia, India, and the Canary Islands. Though originally grown in dry harsh climates, this flower has adapted and is now able to grow in most gardens and yards. This versatile flower was used in ancient times in the mummification of bodies and for perfume, this likely contributed to the name, lavender, as the Latin word lavare means “to wash”. Lavender was found within King Tutankhamen’s tomb and even contained some of the original scent. Romans used this herb again for its perfume qualities, but also in baking and bathing.

Lavender is also mentioned in the Bible by the name spikenard, it again was thought to have been used in cleansing. The domestication of lavender can be traced back to the Arabians, and has now been grown in nearly every country. Around the 17th century, during the Great Plague lavender was used to keep the wearer protected from the disease. Around this time thieves would wear a concoction which included lavender, the men who wore this rarely developed the plague. Lavender was also used by multiple members or European royalty. Brought over by the pilgrims in the 1600’s, lavender has made an impact on the floral history of the United States. In the United States those of the Shaker faith were some of the first to grow the fragrant flowers and to sell them. Lavender is now considered an important and beautiful flower around the world. Thirty-nine difference kinds of lavender exist. Lavandula angustifolia, is also called English lavender is one of the most common types used today thanks to its ability to grow in harsh climates and its capability to thrive.

Lavender is a member of the mint family, which explains the fragrant smell and taste. Lavender is a tough plant which is able to grow and thrive in a variety of locations. English Lavender can handle colder climates, French Lavender on the other hand prefers a dryer, warmer climate another option to plant is the Spanish lavender, which looks different than English lavender but has similar qualities. Though all of these plants have different properties, they are able to attract a variety of wildlife including bees and butterflies, but are known to repel deer. Such a well-used and ancient flower lent itself to a variety of stories and myths over the course of centuries.

Cleopatra was believed to have used lavender and goats milk on her skin which lent to her seductive beauty. It is said that she used it to charm not only Julius Caesar, but Marc Anthony too. No doubt the calming properties and smell of the flower attracted these men as the flower in full bloom attracts bees. It is even believed that the snake that bite and ultimately killed her was hiding in one of her lavender bushes. There are myths which also state that lavender was hung above doorways to keep evil spirits away. The magical properties of this plant are amazing and quite potent. Another mythoung women who wished to remain chaste would carry lavender with them to repel unwanted suiters. Even in North America there was myth that if woman carried around lavender it would help protect then against abuse. Lavender is a miraculous herb which has a plethora of medicinal qualities. The main medicinal properties of this flower are quite diverse. First, lavender is known to treat anxiety and depression. The oil form of this flower has calming and sedative effects on the user. Another disorder which lavender treats is insomnia.

Lavender not only has sedative properties, but has been found as effective as other, more traditional medications. Headaches are also easily treated with lavender. Lavender also had significant antibacterial properties and has been known to treat wounds such as burns and scrapes. It is easy to conclude that if lavender can help heal skin it can help soothe and calm skin inflammation. Next lavender is known to ease digestive problems such as constipation and irritation. The magical properties and correspondence of lavender are expansive. Lavender is associated with Mercury and the air element as well as the Greek god Saturn. The magical influences include communication, thievery, breaking of bad habits, travel and divination. Lavender is often used in love spells and has been known to attract love particularly from males, it is also used for calming dreams and purification. There are numerous ways to use this magnificent flower. First lavender can be sewn into satchels and used under pillows since a great property of this flower is calming, this has also helped in keeping away negative dreams or nightmares. It is also thought that if one makes a wish before falling to sleep with lavender under their pillow it will come true. Two, you can use this flower in baths to again help calm one before bed or to help purify themselves before rituals. Three, one can keep lavender in the home to help bring a calming atmosphere to the home. Another use in a home is to keep lavender within the home to keep away bugs.

Lavender plants planted at home entrances keeps bugs from coming into the house. Fourth, lavender can help relax and open the mind to a variety of mental and psychic strengths. One can use lavender to generate visions or to even help with psychic abilities. Lavender can also help to open one’s mind to send and receive messages to spirits. Lastly, lavender makes a great offering to the gods. Lavender is often thrown into bon fires to send offerings to the gods in exchange for their company.

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