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”Lord of the Flies” by William Golding

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In the story Lord of the flies the story takes place on an island where many boys were stranded. The boys were on a plane because there city was under attack. There homes were being attacked atomic bombs. On their way to a safe place to live there plane was attacked and landed on the island. The kids were stranded without any adults, the oldest kid was Ralph he was 12. The kids had a vote for who should be the leader and Ralph was chosen because he was old and because he blew into a conk which sounded all the boys to come together. Jack a leader of the choir group on the other hand wanted to be the chief but was not chosen he then hated Ralph. Ralph then asked Jack to go hunt with the choir group. Jack then found a pig on the island but he was not able to catch it. The other kids start a fire so there can be a signal flame. When they all come back a little boy decided to talk and he said that he saw a beast and that’s were all the worriers start. Jack did kill a pig but the signal fire when out and a boat passed by so they didn’t get saved. Later in the night there was a plane that was attacked above the island and a dead parachutist fell from the sky. The boys believe that the parachutist is the beast.

The parachutist to me symbolizes fear and the begging of all the major problems. It was the begging of all the kids to become savages. It also makes the kids split into two different groups. The parachutist mostly symbolizes a beast which all the kids are afraid of. Ralph went hunting with Jack and he really liked hunting, all the hunters get adrenaline rushes. The hunters killed a really fat pig and had a feast afterwards were they all chant. Spencer a really good friend started to speak to the pig because the boys cut the pigs head off. The pig says the beast is not a person or a mass it’s a thing in the boys. Spencer goes to tell the boys but the boys killed him for some reason. Ralph goes to castle rock to get his friend glasses but Jack didn’t let them they then killed Piggy (Ralph’s friend).In the story Piggy was the smartest boy in the whole group in my opinion. He came up with all the ideas but the other boys wouldn’t follow his ideas. Piggy was abused a lot in the story for no reason at all. I believe they don’t like Piggy because he’s a lot better than the rest of the kids. Jack’s group of hunters was ordered to kill Ralph so he went to go hide so they wouldn’t kill him. So Jack decides to set fire on the Island to get him out of hiding. Ralph is on the shore of the beach now and he looks up and sees a British naval officer investigate the smoke all the boys start to cry for joy.

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