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“Listen to the End” by Tony Hunter

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  • Pages: 2
  • Word count: 442
  • Category: Fiction

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The author Tony Hunter suceeded to protray the current issues involving the vulnerability of females , throught the short story’ listen to the end’ . Hunter has done a magnificant job of creating this descriptive piece using the techniques of personification , descriptive language and the exposition of the short story . these techiniques are closely linked together to create the suspen in story . these narrative conventions used by Hunter helps create a story that is sensationally suspenseful.

One of the important techiniques present in this short story is personification .personification is used extensively in the short story to help create realist suspense.’rain threathened “ ,’wind had died’ ,’dark crowed’ , ‘panic stirred’,’the tall victorian houses frowened down disappearing”.these quotes from the short story shows how an inanimate object is given negative characteristics of a human {ie , wind had died, dark crowed ‘}.From these personifications used in the story we are able to identify that the main purpose of this technique is to create suspense.The personification creates the suspense as the inanimate objects were the ones who are following her.

Descriptive language is another important narrative conventions used to help create suspense as well as imagary.”transmulating their normally friendly becons into baleful yellow eyes”, “thin, cold drizzle, driven by the wind wrapped a clammy , embrased around her hurring figure “.these quotes present suspense by describing the darkness coldness of the outside futhermore the the short story sets the mood for horror by the short story making her stand out form the others by a particular character of by symbolism. “The tall victorian houses frowned down disapprovingly on the small figure in the bright red raincoat”. this quote is a symbolic way of saying that she was the only thing there that was good /pure this contrastes to the setting .

The exposition of the short story is a important part of the of the narrative convention as it helps create the atmosphere . The exposition of the short story creates suspense.”a flurry of wind sent the brown leaves tumbling ,end over end ahead along the dark , glisting pavement . thin cold drizzle by the wind wrapped a clammy embrase round her hurrinfigure and swirls of mist danced beckonigly around the street lamps transmuting their normaly friendly becons into baleful gloden eyes” “wet into the warmth and familiarity of the first flat .with the fire going on full blast and the rest of the evening spent curled up in her old arm chair with a book in her hand ,these quotes shows the darkness on the outside streets in contrast to her warm cosy home.

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