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”Lilies of the Field” by William Edmund Barrett

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A novel named “Lilies of the Field” was written by an American author William Edmund Barrett, in the year of 1962. With the assistance of the idea from Barrett’s novel Ralph Nelson made a tremendous movie in 1963.


A small but excellent novel “Lilies of the Field” made into an excellent and educational movie, the main subject of the novel and movie is bless the children and creatures even Charles, it is a fact that in the twentieth-century there are no significant literature work but the Americans in their strength and power, idiosyncratic individual interaction and independent characters. With the assistance of William E. Barrett’s novel Ralph Nelsons turn it into simple but fascinating story movie.

In some parts movie is sparer that novel whereas there are some sections and scenes of the novel are not included in the film, thereby creating changes in the tale or changing characters or adding some other effect which can be easily observed, but the matter to be acknowledge that all these changes some where else required by the movie Nelsons successes to justify the needs of little alteration with the same theme (Sophie, Papataxiarches & Stewart, P.86-97).

The Nelsons movie is more than in the area of Homer Smith (Sidney Poitier), whereas the play just describes us that He is and ex-GI. The Nelsons movie tells the viewers about his background in a very nut shell; people know only that he is a member of the Southern Baptist Convention, and that he is moving in his beach wagon all the way through the United States South-west. Homer stops in the desert and containing a desolate mission; He inquires a woman religious that he needed water for the sake of his car which is overheating. Just after asking for water form the nun he realizes his wallet which is entirely skinny, and then he makes up his mind some task for the holy ladies, before Homer shifts whatsoever urban center goes on to come next (Swain, P.201-235).

Merely a couple of tasks turn into a cold and hot relations of a number of months’ continuance. The Homer’s request for the payment is put off by Mother Maria Lilia Skala, but Mother Maria looks toward heaven appreciatively and thankfully for the “giant, powerful man He has sent for the purpose to construct a holy place, a place of worship in the religious residence. Initially loath to attempt this daunting task, He gets into a big-time constructor named Ashton, in the city and trimmings up driving Ashton’s dozers couple of days a week. Therefore more or less money is upcoming in as He works hard with building a small adobe brick church in the torrid sun that is, till Homer runs out of bricks. The role for which Poitier will be ever remembering, Sidney Poitier is consummate as Homer Smith. The plot is fills by his elusive humor, even becoming screaming at times.

Literature encompasses language, accent and language can be use to describe the community. Homer found in a scene with teaching the English to German holy ladies, and Homer unable to assist himself from patterning for them few black Southern accent of Alternatively of the dialogue such as I stand up, Homer smiles as the sisters adopt his as Ah stands up, y’all He is so likeable due to the reason that Homer is admirable natured personality, but Sidney Pointier lends grain to his role primarily by his fundamental interface with his foil, the bigger of a group of nuns who will not thank Homer for all of his labors (Swain, P.201-235).

Look out for burly melodic scenes from Sidney Poitier as well, in which he blends his own holy backdrop with the holy lady’s East Germany Catholicity. Lilia Skala is suitably grim and controlling as Mother Maria. She admits that the nuns have comes a long-way, still over the German capital, to get to this hereditary property in the American desert. The broken English spoken by her and her charges serves to endear the nuns to us. All of them are all humble but ferociously committed people.

Since there is a nice work done by Juan Stanley, while his dialect and enunciation smack of hollowness this individual appears to need to return to a Bronx twang – Adams a gathering of military personnel for duty a rascally indifference that binds him with Homer. Juan also works as a model, standard or outline to follow or adapt for the recent era Christian birth, this doubter now dishes out meals in his eatery while the traveling non-Christian priest says great deal for the people who have arrive from far and near.

Father Murphy does by Dan Frazer, the non-Christian priest whose spiritual prayers for a massive cathedral were responded with a promo with brazen tires and the Ralph Nelson movie director who have produced a number of tremendous movies such as “Requiem for a Heavyweight,” “Charly and “Father Goose”.


There is a small but excellent novel and film The Lilies of the Field it is a fact that if any of the individual is looking for provoking work a novel as well as movie available. Both are in the context of literature. There is a covariance of faith, friendship and tolerance by its exploration of the different relationship.

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