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Legal Issues in Cyberspace

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Copyright infringement are classified into three different theories. They are direct, indirect and vicarious. Direct is the most obvious form because of the copyright owner can prove legal ownership of the work in question and the infringed copied the work without permission. A facilitator of indirect theory of copyright infringement is liable for damages. The copyright owner must identify the direct infringer, and the facilitator must have knowledge of the infringement. Companies that do not follow the copyright laws when they are using the internet leaves the company open for charges or a cybercrime. Cybercrime refers to criminal use of a computer and the internet. Cybercrime as credit card scams, identity theft, unauthorized access to computer and if a company that has a website is convicted of a cybercrime then the company will lose money. The cyber law are one of the newest form of global law, escorting in the greater regulation of the Internet related legal guideline worldwide to lodge e-commerce, globalization, and the extent of western independent ideals.

The correct trademark can protect a business or company against cyber infringement, patent issues in cyberspace. Some fear that the cyber law will profit the welfares of large, international industry and constabularies’ observation. Cyber jurisdiction is a law that impact over activities taking residence on the internet. During Week 3 we looked at contracts and the different type of information that are needed to make the contracts valid. This was an area that I was confused about because I was not aware that all of these different components are needed when a contract is put into place. In the position that I work in accounting I am aware of how contracts work and negotiated between several parties and that the actually parties are the ones that are able to cancel a contract. In the position that I hold contracts are always negotiated either between vendors or companies wishing to become a franchise.


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