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Leadership Case Study Argumentative

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Executive Summary
This report is basically addressing the issues of regional department of the organization KTG. This report will focus on why the KTG organization which had to face the decline in the regional department of the organization because of the leadership and the mismanaged management as well and how will it recover from its present stage. The main focus is the challenges the company has to face in the business world keeping in mind the weak sectors of the business and how will it triumph over its problems it has developed in the past year or so provided with solutions to outweigh its competitors.

The actions taken in this report will be on the whole about how the company needs to raise its level accordingly with its other companies in the market, keeping in mind that the micro and macro factors play a huge role in an industry or the business itself. Also in the report we will be able to find where the company is heading for future purposes as in succeeding as a whole organization as well as to know what improvement is needed for the company to succeed in what manner and what sort of practices would it take to reach again in the world of business as well as in the market.

Introduction Company Profile
KTG is a successful consulting company that provides a diverse range of engineering, architectural, mining, construction and environmental services. KTG has regional offices in every Australian state capital and in 20 other cities around the world. KTG has experienced rapid growth over the last ten years, except for short slow-down in the region during the recent financial crises. The company has a formal matrix structure, which is known as the ‘Business Stream’ and the ‘Knowledge Stream’.

The ‘Business’ stream is responsible for growing the enterprise, gaining contracts, managing projects and delivering to clients. The ‘Knowledge’ stream is responsible for developing, sharing and leveraging the expertise and Capability of individuals and of the company as a whole. Each staff member in chorus has a Business stream leader and a Knowledge stream leader. The Business stream leader is to report to the regional head and whereas the Knowledge stream leader report to the chief knowledge officer at KTG’s corporate headquarters.

Operational Plan
What is an operational plan? It’s basically guiding your team towards the organizations strategic plan how your team will achieve the goals it what steps are to be taken in order to achieve the goals. Specific strategies are given from day-to-day task in order to achieve the best possible outcome for an organization. Currently the company KTG is working at its best to score out to the top notch and to show other existing companies that it is the best out there. But in the regional department due to the lack of vision, goals and the barriers of communication it was hard to configure what to do and how.

Currently if analyzed the companies best bet is to employ new staff, let them be informed about the goals of the organization as a whole! Not just the regional department let them know they are the part of the leading company in the market and how the market is important. Make the environment more pleasant for them to work in and the leader as well should involve them in the decision making process it will help them to be more efficient and at the same time if they were to be awarded for their achievements it will result in the future pace of the company.

KTG needs to implement a strategy in which every unit has its own work, as in each department should focus on their own work rather than to divide the work amongst each other. For e.g. Human Resources – acquire good employees with valid background check and know what they know about the company and its current position. Finance Dept – measure the sales target and earnings growth. The company should also verify if the ongoing process is heading towards the right direction or not however it should also evaluate the business it has evolved in which the company has involved itself with. It should also assess its competitors and set the desired goals to meet its existing competitors. It should also be able to relate the firms positions e.g. reputation and market share.

Firstly KTG has to introduce new technology; new employees with good experience those who recognize the company’s policies, perform SWOT analysis, and revise mission and vision of the company. Know goal of the section or department they are working in as well as from the perspective of company. Establish the vision, mission and goals of the organization this step involves the clarification of what the company is and who they do business for. At the very basic level, it defines what product, service or good is going to be offered. The vision of the company refers to the future of its existence and serves the purpose to inspire and motivate members to work hard to achieve this vision. Establishing these 3 things helps the company to zone in on the ultimate goal so they know where to focus their energies.

Analyze opportunities & threats This step is to analyze outside resources and competition. Through market research and studying the industry and any regulation requirements, the organization will be better able to anticipate the needs of its clientele. Studying competitors can help companies realize potential things that they should avoid doing or certain strategies that they can adopt that has worked for the other company. Analyze the internal strengths and potential weaknesses of the organization This step is meant for companies to see where they can improve within the confines of the business itself.

Pinpointing any ‘weak links’ or potential problems can save the company a lot of time and money if they can fix the issue before it becomes a bigger one. This includes an audit of every department and can be accomplished by performance reviews of employees and an audit of all assets and resources the company has. Analyzing strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats (SWOT) and begin forming the strategy

This step consists of analyzing the information that was discovered in steps 2 & 3 in a side-by-side comparison. The strengths and weaknesses of the internal resources plus knowing the existing opportunities and threats that exist outside of the company help to identify the main issues an organization needs to deal with when forming their strategy. Implementing the strategy In order to get a strategic plan to work effectively, it must be implemented and executed properly. Some of the ways that strategies tend to fail are because of miscommunication among different levels of the organization and losing clarity of the tasks at hand. Strategic tasks should be defined and the abilities of the organization should be determined.

There should be a timetable/agenda created that outlines the implementation as well as a plan. There are many different types of strategies but some of the main ones to note are: corporate strategy, business strategy, low-cost strategy, differentiation strategy and functional strategies. Strategic Follow up after the strategy has been implemented, there needs to be a way to make sure that it is working. A control system should be put in place so that managers can evaluate the process. They need to be able to identify what’s working and what isn’t. The faster problems can be identified, the faster they can be resolved and improved. Following these steps can help ensure that you create an effective, efficient and successful strategy. As the previous leader has failed to produce any strategic plan regarding the region sector of this company, this was what was needed to be done in order to succeed strategy wise. SWOT Analysis:

It’s a successful consulting company which is diversified into various fields Global Expansion
Powerful Market
Strong Shareholders
Has a good formal matrix structure e.g. the business stream Is responsible for gaining contracts while the knowledge stream is responsible for leveraging the expertise and capability of the company as a whole.

Generally de-motivated staff members with no vision of the company Lack of strategic plans for the regional business
And no staff awareness is there for the KTG business goals values or policies Culture clashes are also a possibility
Has potential to grow in the renewable energy sector
If the financial structure is stable KTG can actually grow the company more in the regional sector. If both the ‘business’ & ‘knowledge’ stream is to be put in the right direction and invested right it could end up being profitable to the company for the future. Threats:

KTG has spread its brand name all over the 20 cities around the world keeping Australia aside, yet they forget there are other competitive brands in the league as well which are most technological advance than the other Other companies can bring out more packages to attract KTG’s employees if the work package is not attractive enough & the same goes for the work environment.

“The forces either within or external to a person that arouse enthusiasm and persistence to pursue a certain course of action“(Daft 1997). There are two camps regarding motivation. The first centers on how leaders motivate team members. The second states that motivation comes from within us. Now certainly the leader’s actions and behaviors influence the behavior and results of subordinates, however, I believe core motivation is derived from the makeup of an individual. Perhaps the topic of motivation is a matter of semantics. In my view, leaders should focus on their own behavior, the type of leadership style they use, and the actions they take. If leaders deliver these three areas in a positive fashion and they “motivate” team members in the process, so be it.

The problem is basically with the previous leader he was not leading his followers instead focusing on getting the small tasks done rather than big ones at hand. A leader is charismatic person who can inspire his followers and guide them, when a employee has finished the given task at hand he/she should be motivated, praised upon their completion of the task rather than just accepting and nodding away, even a thank you can work wonders!. Another issue was that the employees weren’t aware of the companies’ policy.

Leaders need to behave in a fashion that models how their team members should behave. In addition, based on the situations they encounter, leaders need to be intentional about the style with which they lead. When a leader blends the right behaviors and style for a given situation at hand, they increase the probability that people will follow their lead. Lastly, when leaders add result-driving actions into the mix, they create an unstoppable force. He was an authoritarian leader who made the decision himself and then proceeded with telling others what to do. There two types of motivation: A) Intrinsic Approach

B) Extrinsic Approach
Employees don’t seem to be very productive due to the lack of motivation present. A new approach needs to be introduced like for e.g. if a person succeeds at a difficult task he/she should be awarded basically meaning by following the contingency approach. Leader needs to create such a work environment that the workers work more efficiently and productively. The fact is that you are in the people business—the business of hiring, training, and managing people to deliver the product or service you provide. If the people are the engine of your success, to be a great leader you need to attend to your people with a welcoming attitude. Sometimes the news papers are crammed with the stories of private and public leaders who’ve acted wrongly and have gone against the best interests of their employees or constituents, showing your employees that you value integrity can help motivate them and create a sense of pride for your organization.

Leadership is influencing others and creating followers, hence it cannot be achieved without effective communication. If you’re struggling with communicating to your employees, its better influence individuals by choosing words that are spot on to carry your message. Then you need to figure out how to communicate to a larger audience. The mainly effective leaders are the ones who take the time to listen not just to their team member’s words but to the invaluable hidden meaning below them. Communicate to them that you are always waiting with open ears. Mentor your employees, encourage them, make partners out of them, and your organization is sure to benefit. If you want to survive the tough economy, that’s exactly the kind of leadership you need for your organization.

What is Communication?
Communication is the exchange and flow of information and ideas from one person to another, it involves a sender transmitting an idea, information or feeling to a receiver. (Jyoti Bisht) (2013)

Leaders are always the best receivers of information. An effective listening can lead to the success of the organization, through effective communication one can be clear of the purpose you want to achieve, be more open honest and direct about it try to negate the conflicts. By communicating with the regional government and the community we can know when the rules and the policies can change accordingly. At that time one can develop a business strategy and adapt, at the same time we can avoid violations and fines by the government one we have learned how to work in the given environment.

In KTG Company there was no communication whatsoever, throughout the hierarchal structure there were only barriers for communication. Through the proper communication channel the staff can know of the policies and the values that the company prides upon. A vision must have ample ‘air time’ in an organization. At the same time the vision must be shared and practiced by leaders at every opportunity. Establishment a procedure of which the employees are informed properly about the company policy and its business goals, the most appropriate method to address this is create a legal counsel or a compliance department which will provide info in the form of memorandum to the employees. Education programs can also be created; as in they will be informed about the current ongoing situation.

The organization of KTG is committed and hardworking currently at its best, but the regional sector needs to improve and further develop it. It has “that” potential to grow more and financially and geographically it needs to motivate its employee’s make them more efficient or useful in the roles they are given at the same time communication is THE key in this case. But they need to recover fast give or take a year it won’t have to shut down but if they do not prepare for the worst or rather take advantage of the current situation and the government they might experience a downfall not just in the KTG but as a whole company the market share would also come down as it is a huge organization which has been a success but overall from the regional department it might just take a bullet.

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