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Jumanji and finish the game

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One day, twelve year old Alan Parrish was riding down the main street when he hears “Prepare to die, Parrish! ”, he starts riding much faster, as Billy Jessup and four of his other friends started to chase after him. Alan heads for his father’s shoe factory. He jumps of his bike and ran inside the factory. Where he meets his friend, Carl Bentley, a twenty-year old worker with dark skin. He shows Alan his latest creation, it was some kind of a sneaker, made of canvas and leather above a rubber sole. Alan puts the shoe down on an idle conveyor belt.

As Alan walked downstairs he saw a men scurrying around the sole stamping machine, his father pulled out a shredded shoe, it was Carl’s new creation. “Who did this? ” asked Alan’s father, Carl put up his hand, and took the blame. Alan picked up his bike and rode home, but just as he thought he was safe Billy came out with his friends, attacked Alan and took off with his bike. While he was walking down he heard a drumming sound, Brummm-tum-tum! Brummm-tum-tum!. He followed it to his father’s construction site where they were building new offices.

Finally he found where it was coming from. He dug out a big trunk and smashed open the padlock with a spade. Inside the trunk was a game called JUMANJI buried in sand. When Alan returned home his parents were getting ready to go to a presentation. Alan took out the game and just as he was about to read the instructions, someone knocked at the door. It was Sarah Whittle, a pretty, blonde thirteen-year-old, and behind her stood Alan’s bike. Alan showed her the game and they decided to play.

Sarah picked up the dice and studied them, “I quit playing board games five years ago” she said and dropped the dice on the board. Without warning the tokens started to move all by themselves. Sarah and Alan looked at each other in amazement. They looked at the centre of the board, the crystal lens reads “At night they fly, you’d better run, these winged things are not much fun. ” They started to pack up the game, without thinking Alan let the dice fall on the board, another token moves, the crystal reads, “In the jungle you must wait, until the dice read five or eight.

Alan looked down at his body: his arms and legs were melting! And he was being sucked into the game board. Sarah ran screaming out of the house as hundreds of bats chased her down the street. Twenty-six years later, another family came to live there. There were two children Judy and Peter who had lost their parents and were staying with their aunt in that house. One night they also heard the same drum beat coming from Alan’s bedroom where they started the game which had been closed since he disappeared.

Next morning while they were getting ready for school they again heard the drum beating so they went up to check and found the game and saw the two pieces stuck on the board but didn’t bother and decided to play. Judy read the instructions which said “Jumanji, a young people’s jungle adventure game especially designed for the bored and restless. All the players select a piece each and place it on the starting point. Then one of the players rolls dice and moves their piece along the path through the dangers of the jungle. First player to reach Jumanji and yell the city’s name aloud is the winner.

” But didn’t see the most important rule which said “Very important: once the game begins it will not be over until any one player reaches the golden city” and started to play. Judy started and rolled a six and her piece moved six steps and the crystal lens read “a bite can make you itch, make you twitch. ” And a bunch of mosquitos appeared but Judy smashed them all with the racket kept near her and continued to play.

He rolled a two and crystal lens read “this will not be an easy mission monkeys will slow the expedition.” and heard a weird noisy from the kitchen and went to see what was in there and saw monkey all around. As they came up they saw the other half of the instruction and read “Very important: once the game begins it will not be over until any one player reaches the golden city and when the game ends the exciting consequences will vanish” and continued. Peter rolled a five and crystal lens read “his fangs are sharp. He likes your taste; your party better move poste haste. ” and a lion appeared sitting on the piano.

They ran down the stairs saw Alan who had been stuck in the game since twenty six years and has now been released. He locked the lion in the room. Alan was now thirty eight and couldn’t even recognize himself. He got really restless and started to search for his family which was staying there before Judy and Peter came. They told him that his parent were no more and this house has been empty for many years and now they are staying there. As he calmed down he told the children how he got in the game and how they will have to find Sarah to finish the game and make this come back to normal.

They all decided to go and find Sarah and finish the game. They went to her house to convince her but she denied to play as she was too scared of the game as she had seen Alan disappear into the game and when she told this to people they thought that she was mad but in the end, they convinced her. All of them came back home and started the game again. It was Sarah’s turn. She rolled a nine and the crystal lens reads “a hunter from the darkest wilds, will make you fell just like a child” and a hunter walked into the room and aims at her to shoot her but luckily Alan saves her and everyone else.

However, the hunter again aims at them so they try and escape out of the house and hide till the hunter come out and then they all come back into the house. Peter rolls a three and the crystal lens reads “Every month of the quarter moon could be a monsoon in your lagoon” but they thought that even if it rains it wouldn’t matter to them cause they are in the house so the continued to roll. As soon as Alan was about to roll it started to rain inside the room.

After sometime the house was flooded with water and all of them were trying to find a safe spot and finish the game Alan in some way found a safe spot and everyone sat there to continue playing and their aunt was also back. As soon as she open the door the water flowed out of the house. It was Alan’s turn and as soon as he picked the dice to roll the hunter appeared and before he could shoot him he rolled and his piece reached the finish point so he shouted JUMANJI and everything went inside game and everything was back to normal and it was eighteen ninety six and Alan’s parents were leaving for their presentation.

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