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Japanese Serial Killer Tsutom Miyazak

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Tsutomu was born August 21, 1962 in Itsukaichi a town in Tokyo, Japan where he was born premature causing him to have deformed hands. Miyazaki was born without wrist joints making his hands rigid and unable to rotate, this would be a main factor for him later in life as he will get bullied for it through school. Due to his deformed hands he would become self-conscious and depressed, and would not help him through his school years. During school he was a great scholar and wanted to become a teacher to change people lives. Miyazaki’s parents were wealthy and owned a business, his father expected him to own the business but Miyazaki turned him down. This cause a strain between him and his father, Miyazaki never got approval of his parents causing him to be outcast of his family. There was one person that really cared for him and this will be his grandfather but unfortunately he passed away leaving Miyazaki alone. This is where things got strange for Miyazaki, he felt alone and felt the only way him and grandfather can be closer again is too eat his grandfather’s ashes.

After that incident, he had another incident where he will watch his sister’s shower. One day he got caught, his sister tried to talk to him about the situation and instead of solving the issue he attacks her. Moments later his mother comes and again tries to resolve the last two incidents that have just happen and once again he attacks. This isn’t the only incidents that have happen it has been reported that Miyazaki would take pictures of girl’s underwear while they played tennis. Miyazaki was first influence by comics and horror movies and easily escalated to watching Japanese pornography and other illegal films who the victims were usually underage children. By the time he gets caught with the police he would have about 6,000 videos of horror that some would contain child pornography that at the time was legal. He will soon murder four girls and dismember their body, rape them, eat their flesh and even drank one of his victim blood. He soon got caught when he was trying to catch his fifth victim at a park. One of the theory that fit onto why he committed the crime is Cycle of Violence.

It’s basically states that if the child had a rough childhood that they will later be in rough situation when they grow up and there goes the never ending cycle.  So, Miyazaki was outcast and neglected by his family. They didn’t support him when he decline his father’s business, after his grades drop and he applied for a film school. His sisters hated him, although he didn’t help in the situation. With his deformed hands, he was always bullied in school so he always acted out in strange ways. This was a cycle that he couldn’t leave, so when he grew up he started picking on little girls who couldn’t overpower him. Still he was self-conscious about himself so he would rarely rape them when they were alive he would wait until he choked them and rape their live less bodies. Another theory that fit onto why Miyazaki might have committed these crimes is the Neutralization Theory. Under this category there are two main subcategories that fit him. Condemnation of the condemners where it states that everyone is picking on the offender.

This ties with the cycle of violence where he was always picked on at school and home never having a break. Another one that fits Neutralization Theory is Appeal to higher loyalties, this fit with Miyazaki because when he went to trial he claimed that he was innocent and his alter ego “The Rat Man” made him do it. That it wasn’t for his satisfaction it was to please to the rat man because the rat-man claimed it will bring him even closer to his grandfather. He also tried to please his grandfather as he also claimed that’s what he would’ve wanted him to do, and should’ve been seen as a hero. Rational choice theory states that the offender has free will and the offender makes choices and balances the consequence and their needs. For example if there’re in need of money they will determine the pros and cons of the situation and make a choice at the end on to whether or not they should mug somebody or not. Rational choice however doesn’t hold accountable psychological behavior. Miyazaki tried to plea he wasn’t in the right state of mind and although the psychiatrist said he was fully there he was aware of his consequences and actions he did blame non-existent and showed traits making him borderline sane.

Sutherland’s learning theory is another that doesn’t fit Miyazaki because this theory states that offender behavior is learned from those who are around him. Miyazaki didn’t have many friends and intimated what he saw from these graphics horror shows onto his victims. Miyazaki didn’t learn how eat flesh or dismembered bodies from anybody he took it upon himself and learned by himself. Miyazaki was on trial and was charged with abducting and murdering of four girls in the years 1988 through 1989 in Tokyo. During the whole trail that was happening his father couldn’t handle the shame and killed himself. Miyazaki didn’t show no remorse or cared that his dad killed himself. Miyazaki felt that no one understood him and felt as if his family would’ve showed a bit of appreciation he would’ve turned different. Although almost being borderline insane he felt no one understood him but his grandpa always missing him he felt everything he did was for him. Miyazaki would soon be hanged on June 17, 2008 in Tokyo, Japan.

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