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Is Music a Luxury or Important for Survival?

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Music is necessary for survival. Music is indeed a luxury but it also an important aspect of life. The way music sustains life is different from anything else. I strongly believe music is a part of all of us, no matter what we do. Music is an expression of our thoughts and emotions. Some people make music that can be enjoyed by everyone, while some can only enjoy it. Music has several unique ways to express a single idea. The one thing that can connect every individual with one thought is a miracle, which only complex mixtures of acoustic frequencies and amplitudes can generate. Music is not a luxury There is no question that music enriches us in countless ways. Music can bring out emotions and forgotten memories.

Music serves as a powerful cue to recall emotional memories back into awareness. We all have a ton of emotions that control how we act and what we say. Our emotions are triggered by many things. One of those things is Music. At a funeral for one of my family members a song by Whitney Houston was played. Now it is long after that day, but my mother cannot listen to Whitney Houston, because it triggers her past feelings of loneliness and sadness. Music does not always bring out hurtful memories; it actually aids you in finding what is important to you as an individual. Two people can listen to the same song and can convey two entirely dissimilar statements.

Humans need music to openly express their emotions, because without it, the world becomes so bleak and dull. Music can change you in several ways, but it depends on the type of music you are being exposed to. A study “Music and Emotions” shows music with augmented sounds that stresses such musical parts as brass, percussion and heavy bass notes will physically affect you more easily than any other type of music. Music is a survival technique that changes feelings into an immovable resolve. Specific types of music can give you courage and even strengthen your willpower; while other types can relax your nerves and relieve tension.

Music can actually mold your mind and make you happy, while also energizing you when you feel tired. Music makes my life in general much more tolerable, which in itself is an argument supporting it being a necessity. It also provides entertainment. You probably have not come to realize that music is what gives a movie its genre. The music in movies is much more complex than just the usual pianos and drums. Music articulates a plot whether it is a moment of excitement or suspense. Music is an intriguing stimulus widely used in movies to increase the emotional experience.

When was the last time you concentrated only on the music of a movie? The music sets a tempo that sways are minds into seeing a variety of circumstances. Think about a horror film you recently watched. As the killer slowly approaches his next victim the tempo, the mode, the loudness, and the rhythm all join together to establish a moment of suspense. The music in an inspiring movie such as Inception is very upbeat during the happy moments and very dim and dark during the sad moments. Without music you would not get that feeling of happiness or that feeling of sadness. Things like revealing hidden feelings are only the beginning. Music has a several opportunities to show its capabilities and contribute its effectiveness, such as medicinal uses.

Music-induced emotions have shown promise as therapeutic tool for various ailments. Music has had positive impacts on drug users, hospitalized patients, and autism. Research suggests that music therapy sessions may have the ability to help drug users who are attempting to break a drug habit. After participating in a music therapy session, drug users were able to experience emotions without the aid of drugs. In other cases music is perceived to be a very capable outlet for people with autism.

Music can be thought of as another way of communication. Music may provide those with limited understanding of social-emotional a way of accessing their own emotions. Using music to heal aliments only supports that it is not a luxury, but important for survival. I believe that music this day and age is the most remarkable blend of art and science, logic and emotion, physics and psychology known to us. Music ought to be the pivot of a rounded education. Philip Ball said, “For one thing it is a gymnasium for the mind. No other activity seems to use so many parts of the brain at once, nor to promote their integration ( “left brain” or “right brain” is demolished where music is concerned.”

It is beyond any doubt that music has a positive effect on common intellect. It is an advent socializing activity, which young people, mainly teenagers associate with patiently. “And sensitive music teaching will bring out one of music’s most valuable attributes, which is the nurturing and education of emotion. The case for musical education should not rest on its “improving” qualities.

The fact is that music no less than literacy gives access to endless wonders. To cultivate those avenues is to facilitate life-enhancing experience. Music has no limits nor will it ever. Music is part of us. Everything in life has rhythm, from the heartbeat to our breathing and even our walking. We all have an innate desire for rhythm and music. The part of the brain concerned with music is early to develop and the last to go as we get old. Music is not a luxury, because we all experience the importance of it. In conclusion, music is life and life is an indisputable importance of survival.

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