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Survival Essays

How Can You Determine if the Water Is Clean Enough to Drink

There are plenty of sources of water on the earth and only 3 percent of it is fresh. Human beings need freshwater to survive, so how are we supposed to tell if the water is clean enough to drink? By looking at the macroinvertebrates that reside in the water. Macroinvertebrates …

The Impact of Animals on the Daily Life of the Ancient Egyptians

Do you like learning about Ancient Egyptians? Do you like animals? If you do, you’re in the right place. The Ancient Egyptians didn’t only build pyramids and grow food to eat, but also had pets, hunted for food, and had animals that were also religiously important too! Animals were very …

Four Theories on the Mechanisms of Sexual Differentiation

There are four theories on the mechanisms of sexual differentiation. The first theory advances that genes from the sex chromosome are the principal determining elements of sexual differentiation. According to the second theory, the Y chromosome possesses male-biasing properties causing males to be different from females. The third theory posits …

The Consequences of the American Law Banning the Production and Sale of Any Alcohol

In the early 1800s alcohol was a big part of the American Society. Many saw alcohol as a threat to society. By late 1800s, Temperance Movements were formed. Temperance Movements were efforts to get individuals to stop drinking alcohol, when that didn’t work, Temperance Movements shifted their focus to the …

Aging Is a Comprehensive Process That All Beings Go Through

Chronological Ageing Focusing on the number of years that a person has survived is the most straightforward approach to think about ageing; anyway it is the minimum valuable. The chronological age of an individual gives just a poor guess of the individual’s auxiliary development and decrease, and his or her …

Modern Population and Food Supply

Hunger continues to be an ever-present companion of many millions of people. Although the farmers of the world have grown more food, they have not grown enough more to correct the serious undernutrition which has long existed in many countries. Since the end of World War II, food production has …

Evaluation of HIV as an Epidemiological Problem

HIV is a pernicious virus that attacks immune cells known as CD-4 cells, which are a subset of the body’s T cells. The epidemiology of the human immunodeficiency virus in the U.S. has profoundly evolved over the past three decades. Currently, it is a debilitating today that has great demographic …

Modern Methods of Cancer Research

Today in the medical world, cancer is one of the most researched and treated disease in the United States. Cancer comes in many types and forms that affects all different types of bodies. Many research has provided new insights into the formation of cancer and various treatments that are prone …

The Impact of Education, Economics and Culture on Health Care

The three factors that are contributing to the health challenges of the countries are education, economics, and culture. Each of these factors play a large role in the countries. Better education means better health and poor education leads to poorer health. Without economics, there would be no resources and the …

Bushmeat: Wildlife Meat Trade

The need and want for bushmeat is extremely high for many different reasons. Bushmeat industry is an immense concern for animal conservation as well as for disease and pet trade in different part of the world such as the West and Central Africa. The term “bushmeat” to the media usually …

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