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Fitness Essays

Food intake and leisure time activities

Eating Food: A Leisure PursuitFood lovers experience pleasure, enjoyment, relaxation, and reward through nourishment. The human body requires food for performing daily activities. Food is perceived as gratification, social construction, sharing of knowledge, and engagement in various cultures and traditions (Yang & Khoo-Lattimore, 2015). For example, food is portrayed as …

Lung Capacity Fitness Level

Background Information Notice how short distance professional swimmers, for example, a 50m freestyle swimmer, breathe only once or twice throughout the whole course. Why is it that it is nearly impossible for normal recreational swimmer to do that? If a person’s lung size cannot increase, how is it possible for …

Netball Fitness Program

Introduction I have chosen to do a fitness program for a sport. I chose the sport netball. I have chosen this sport, as I am more familiar with what is involved in terms of training, warming up, cooling down and so on. The main fitness components, I think that are …

The Long and Short Term Effects of Exercise

Exercise is defined as an activity that requires physical or mental exertion, especially when performed to develop or maintain fitness. During exercise, the cardiovascular system, the breathing system and the muscles work in conjunction with each other in order to perform their tasks more efficiently. A vital process of exercise …

Marketing Mix( Prefer Fitness First)

Performance objective The candidate must demonstrate the ability, knowledge and skills to evaluate each component of the marketing mix and determine a suitable marketing mix for specific markets, as well as monitor and adjust the marketing mix. Assessment description The candidate is to write and present a report on the …

Snap Fitness CVP and Break-Even Analysis

Looking into opening a small business can be a daunting task but with various opportunities for buying into a franchise, becoming a small business owner seems to be a reality for some. Each franchise provides various information pieces about their franchise to attract new owners. When someone is looking to …

Develop a Fitness Program

Develop a fitness program for a squad/ section practical exercise 1. List the five components of fitness. Cardio respiratory endurance, Muscular endurance, Muscular strength, flexibility, and Body Composition 2. There are seven recognized principles of exercise; List at least five of them. Regularity, Progression, Overload, Balance, Specificity 3. You are …

Statistics Fitness Center Report

With the launch of AJ’s Fitness and as their current MBA intern, I was tasked with analyzing the results of a recent survey that was given the fitness center’s current members. Of the 1,833 members surveyed, we receive 133 usable responses. The following report details an analysis of the results …

Scoots Fitness Center

Problem Statement The house of quality for Scott’s Fitness Center was partially completed. Examine the relationships in the roof of the House of Quality. Root cause of the problem The root cause of the problem in Scott’s Fitness Center is to identify the most important customer requirements. Also, the relationships …

24-Hour Fitness Center

Marc has opened a 24-Hour fitness center in a fast-growing city. Before purchasing the franchise and starting his new business, Marc looked at the one other fitness center currently operating in that area. In the same general area are video game rooms, fast food restaurants, a sports bar, a golf …

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