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Song Essays

Til it happens to you by former American artist Lady Gaga about being raped

Music is loved and enjoyed by all people around the world in different ways. Its pleasant sound and sometimes inspirational lyrics can make it an important element in a person’s life. One song, in particular, that was trending during the year of 2015 was, “Til it happens to you,” by …

How the character of Stephen is portrayed by Faulks in Birdsong

At the beginning of Birdsong, the Azaires are first introduced on the first page, followed by Stephen, who happens to be another important, if not the main character in the whole of the story. As a reader, we would assume that the Azaire family and Stephen and some connection, either …

Cities in Preludes and The Love Song of J Alfred Prufrock

“Cities are the abyss of the human species. ” (Jean-Jacques Rousseau). Throughout the early and mid-1900’s industrialization and atrocities such as The Great War plagued the modern world, this caused many individuals to take a pessimistic and anguished view of the world. The industrialization and dehumanization at this time caused …

Comparison of Ozymandias and Song

In the Victorian era society’s view on death was very different than it is today in this essay I will compare two poems from the 19th century “song” By Christina Rossetti and “Ozymandias” by P. B Shelly which have two completely opposite views on death and how you are remembered …

How Music Affects Your Productivity

Songs are a great way to express one’s self through lyrics. I believe this can be the truest form of self-expression. There is such a wide variety of songs out there that there are many that one can relate to. I find that that is why I enjoy music so …

Love Song and Preludes

Both the ‘Love Song of J .Alfred Prufrock’ and ‘Preludes’ through vivid imagery and compelling metaphors, convey to the reader the thoughts and emotions of the author. Eliot as all Modernists through the use of distinguished themes and characteristics manipulated traditional forms of poetry and sought to project their own …

Comparing Nothing's Changed and Charlotte O'Neil's Song

In this essay the two poems “Nothing’s changed” by Tatumkhulu Afrika and “Charlotte O’Neil’s Song” by Fiona Farrell are going to be compared. These two poems have been chosen because of the obvious rebellion of the characters, the inequality that they are describing, and the stylistic features similarities such onomatopoeia, …

La Belle Dame sans Merci by John Keats and The Song of Wandering Aengus by W B Yeats

In their times, separated by at least 50 years, Keats and Yeats were among the leading exponents of ‘Romanticism’. The two poems under consideration epitomise a powerful aspect of the Romantic approach to women: idealised to such an extent that she was so perfect that once glimpsed all life thereafter …

Birdsong and Regeneration

In Birdsong the experience of trench warfare is made extremely vivid. The terror of life at the front and in the underground beneath it, is graphically portrayed by Faulks through the eyes of the characters, particularly those of Stephen Wraysford. Stephen, an officer promoted from the ranks, endures the nightmare …

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