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How Music Affects Your Productivity

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Songs are a great way to express one’s self through lyrics. I believe this can be the truest form of self-expression. There is such a wide variety of songs out there that there are many that one can relate to. I find that that is why I enjoy music so much. I can relate to the author of the song by listening to the lyrics. Also, songs can associate with memories. When I hear a certain song, it can make me recall some of my favorite moments or memories. The songs I selected show the importance of knowing where I come from and the value of family. Songs that would be included on the soundtrack of my life are ” Messages Arrive” by Sonu Nigam.

The first song that I believe best describes me is “Messages Arrive” by Sonu Nigam. I believe this song describes me because I was born and raised in India. At age 18, I had to move to the U.S with my family. India was home to me. The Cricket game, Samosa, Kulcha, spending summer vacations at a relatives house, family and so much more. I miss those memories so much. “Messages arrive, they torment us…letters arrive, they keep asking when will you come home, this home is lonely without you.” This lyric makes me think of my family. Whenever my cousins call me from India; they always ask me when I’m coming to India for vacation. We used to have a lot of fun when we played together all day, went to school together and listen to grandma’s stories at night. These are the best memories to me. A family is my number one priority, always has been and always will be. I was so incredibly blessed with such an amazing family. Not many people get to say that their cousins are their best friends. Knowing where I come from and my family is the most important things in my life.

The next song that I believe best describes me as a person would be ” I Salute You Mom” by A. R. Rahman. It reminded me that no matter the struggle everything will be okay in the end. Every storm runs out of the rain. The singer sings, ” After tying the kaftan on our heads, brave warriors are moving forward.” This song makes me feel better whenever I feel; I’m losing hope. It reminds me that I have to fulfill my mom’s expectation and made her proud of me. By saying, “tying the kaftan on our head,” he’s referring to the upcoming storm and he wants us to be strong and be prepared. There’s always ups and downs in life that we have overcome to achieve our goals.

one that describes myself and my values would be “Landslide” by Fleetwood Mac. This song brings about so many memories. It makes me think of family and overcoming struggles. When I hear this song it instantly makes me calm. I can remember listening to it in the car on road trips with my dad & how Stevie Nicks sounded when I saw it live. At the concert when Stevie sang this song, she dedicated it to a young girl who passed away from cancer. She said, “Fly high with the angels my dear.” This reminds me of my cousin Veronica and the loss my family suffered. “Well, I’ve been afraid of changing Cause I’ve built my life around you, but time makes you bolder, even children get older, And I’m getting older too, Oh, I’m getting older too” (Knicks, Stevie “Landslide”) This lyric makes me think of how attached I was to my cousin and how my life is now going to change without her. This song also reminds me of my parents in many ways. It talks about a transition in life and children getting older. It brings to mind the memory of my high school graduation and how my life is changing and I’m growing up right before my parents’ eyes.

All of these songs have a theme of family and overcoming a struggle. This is the theme of my life. When I hear these songs, they bring back so many different feelings and memories. I’ve been given many blessings and many struggles but with the support of my family, I can always stay true to myself. With them anything is possible. This is the Soundtrack to my life.

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