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Is Government Necessary?

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The government plays an important role in the country. It relates the success and failure of a country. Every society has a limit on people’s freedom in order to keep the country constantly and peacefully. The purpose of the government is to maintain or improve the capacity of the country and protect people’s abilities without hurting them. That is the reason why the government is so important especially on the health, comfort and happiness.

The government provides us welfare to make sure our living conditions. Government has the specific program to take care the families who have health problems and also provide low income families financial aids. Government needs people to pay the taxes having a reason: using the money to hire high quality officers who protect our rights and make laws. Actually most of our money goes to helpless people and the public. For examples: the low income families, difficulty families, health problem people, building schools and roads. There is a survey every year to double check our situations. This considerable action pacifies people feel more dependent on the government.

The government provides protections from other countries. With this protection, people can live under a peaceful and comfortable condition. Without the protection, people will worry their lives every single day. During the WW2, without the military protections, the U.S was already taken by others. The reason why they could not take over the U.S was the fire forces and the militaries of the U.S were too strong. And it is also the reason why the U.S is the strongest country today.

The government maintains orders, enforces laws and punishes people because of breaking laws. Every society needs laws to follow and to maintain orders to make the country methodize. For example, someone is in a trouble with you, the government will make the right decision based on the laws and the wrong person will be punished based on the laws to compensate to the right person. The right person’s ability is gotton protected. And the government also tries to legislate solve the issues.

A government is really important for the society for the people. . Even though some people still unsatisfied with the government today because of its imperfect, the government is still in process to satisfy the people and the society. Imagine if there is no government, people may not know what they are doing. People will use their abilities of freedom doing whatever they want, making the society messed up. That is the purpose of a government to have the abilities to protect people’s rights and try to solve problems.

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