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Involving learners is assessment processes

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Understand how to involve learners in the assessment process 1.evaluate how to involve the learner n the assessment process 2.Analyse the role of peer and self assessment in the assessment process Learners flourish with the help of well-trained teachers who know how to clarify the learning objectives, assess the leaner’s, and make changes along the way that can support the maximum learning potential of each student. To do this one must carefully align the objectives with the planned assessments to paint a true picture of student learning. The payoff for students who are given ample opportunities to “personalise their learning objectives” has been found to be more effective. This comes through good peer feedback and real assessment that is ongoing by the teacher. “Providing students with opportunities to reflect on their own performance and exchange feedback with peers can help them become lifelong learners” (Dean, C.B., et al. 2012) and aligning the objectives with the assessments is the first step in this process. Writing Objective:

Comprehension and Analysis of Grade-Level’

Cooperative Learning
To address this standard one would first assess the knowledge of the students through a class discussion establishing what students already know and finding ways to connect their past learning with this new experience. A quick hand-raising assessment will occur to establish familiarity with research of all types. Next there will be opportunity for open class discussion on topics of interest and students will be allowed to join one of five different groups through self-selection and placing their names on giant posters hung in the classroom. The students will work as teams over the next two weeks to research their topic and come up with a presentation for the class. This can be in the form of a power point, audio-visual, brochure, verbal presentation with Involving learners in the assessment process is a key way of helping them to manage and ‘take ownership’ of their learning, by thinking about what they have achieved and planning ahead. Involving them in recording their own and each others’ progress and planning the next steps in learning can deepen their understanding and reinforce their sense of achievement. It can also help the manageability of the assessment process for practitioners Previous sections have emphasised that skills are developed through ‘active thinking’. This has implications for the way you assess progress as part of on-going learning. You need to build in assessment of progress and achievement in ways that clearly reflect the nature of the skills involved.

It is important to keep the big picture of learners’ progress in mind and to keep the assessment process manageable. Often a learner’s ability to carry out a particular task can provide evidence that they have developed and linked several different related skills. Considering how securely learners can link and apply their skills in new contexts will provide evidence of progress in terms ofSelf and peer assessment – advantages and disadvantages Group work can be more successful when students are involved in developing the assessment process. This may include establishing their own assessment criteria through consultation with teaching staff. Alternatively you can provide students with sample self and/or peer assessment criteria. The main aims of self and peer assessment are to: • increase student responsibility and autonomy • strive for a more advanced and deeper understanding of the subject matter, skills and processes • lift the role and status of the student from passive learner to active leaner and assessor (this also encourages a deeper approach to learning) • involve students in critical reflection • develop in students a better understanding of their own subjectivity and judgement.

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