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Internet Has Done More Harm Than Good To Students

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Speaker Opposition Thank you Mdm/Mr. Speaker. Mdm/Mr speaker of the House, therespected panel of adjudicators, theever-precise timekeeper, my worthyopponents, ladies and gentlemenmembers of the parliament, goodmorning/afternoon to all.As the Opposition Leader, it wouldbe my duty to refute the motion for today.

The government team, ladies andgentlemen may throw the sand of confusion and untruth in your face tohide the actual fact. However, I’mconfident after we are finished,everyone will be convinced and hadto agree with us on the contrary. On the whole, it seems that thedefinition offered by the governmentis compatible with ours. However, Iwould still like to speak a little on thematter lest there might bemisunderstanding over what we aredebating on. According to theLongman Dictionary of Contemporary English 2001, Internet means, a computer systemthat allows millions of computer users around the world to exchangeinformation. Harm means inflictphysical, mental or moral injury.

Whereas, good means having theright qualities. And lastly, Students mean someone, who is studying in a school, college or university. So thetopic means internet has inflictedmore physical, mental or moral injurythan providing good qualities tostudents, which we believe is nottrue.Before I proceed any further, let merebut on the point put forward by thePrime Minister.Therefore we, the opposition teamonce again refute the motion for today and we believe that Members of the parliament,As the Opposition Leader, allow meto provide you with the outline of myteam’s case. I will elaborate on howinternet can increase students’interest in learning. My DeputyOpposition Leader will elaboratefurther on how internet can developcommunication skill and how it canbreed independent learners. Andbefore the concluding speech our senior Opposition Minister will rebutall the untruthful points andallegations made by the governmentteam so that you will see withdefinite clarity why we believe that  Having laid bare the definition andour case outline, allow me to presentour first argument.Ladies and gentlemenIn this IT era, we must always alerton the rapid changing of informationor we will be left behind.

Internet asa new technological tool does notonly keep us up-to-date with what is happening around us, it alsoprovides us with vast amount of resources which is extremelybeneficial for students. How cananyone accuse internet as harmfulwhen it presents its users with amultitude choice of information?Ladies and gentlemenIt is well-known that the resourcesoffered in the schools, colleges,universities or even in the statelibraries are quite limited. Studentscan easily become demotivatedwhen they have to go through thehard way to acquire knowledge.Access to the internet removes thishindrance faced by students.Through internet students could findmany beneficial resources fromhistorical to scientific data. Moreover,internet also makes the process of acquiring materials much quicker than the traditional method. Studentscan browse numerous sources in just one sitting instead of flippingthrough books in the library for hourswhich is not only boring but alsotiring. Thus, students can spendmore time on studying.

Members of the House,Furthermore, Smith Lawrence, aprofessor, in his research stated thatstudents are learning better andfaster with this new technology. Ithas boosted students’ problem-solving skills and thinking skills. Isthis what you call harmful, my worthyopponents? Please think again.Ladies and gentlemenIn addition, the quick change in sitesand the difference in looks,presentation and organisation of materials also offer new excitemen every time the students access anew site. Thus, it will increasestudents’ interest in learning newthings everyday. Even influentialpeople as Thomas Edison, WilliamLevenson, B.F. Skinner and manyothers proclaimed that newtechnological devices such asinternet would vastly increasestudent’s interest in learning.Therefore, ladies and gentlemen, it isundeniable that internet brings lots of benefits to students because itprovides them with a quick access tothe vast amount of resources thatcould attract them to study.My colleagues will further convinceyou that withtheir concrete arguments.

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