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Importance of not being late

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In this amazingly well thought of essay i will discuss with you today of the series of actions that brought me to write this paper, the possible effects these actions might have on the accomplishment of the mission, and how to discourage and possibly stop such things from ever happening to me. The reason I am being subject to this time consuming, uninspired, and rather boring writing assignment is because I failed to be at the correct place of duty at the time appointed to me by my superiors. The story begins on the previous night before the great war known to many as “The Great Flu Battle of Monty Gym” like any other night it will start with a handsome young private he might be a tad on the short side and his chin might not be as squared as he’d like but handsome none the less, and his bad luck with the evil things known as alarm clocks !

As this young private gets off work just like any other day he scurries towards his den his manly cave of freedom, sweat, food, alcohol, and lotion known as his barracks room opening the door as he knows in his mind that now at last he is free from the clutches of the men referred to by the people as THE NCO’s for he knows this is a safe haven where as long as he knows not to make a single peep as Ann Frank once did long ago nothing can harm him with such horrible, wretched, evil weapons known as extra duty or some also known as “detail” but not everyone gets so lucky not everyone can escape alive for those unlucky bastards I applaud for when you so happen to see them again if by luck this is so. it is the look on their defeated eyes like windows towards the soul knowing they could be so lucky as to dine pig at the great halls of a place to some referred as The Taste Korean or maybe drinking slushies’ at The amazing Sonic, but that is not so for them and that is why I salute you my friends my comrades my brothers in arms !

Knowing the worst had passed the young private opening the door already undressing clawing out of his clothes like a baby gazelle being born escaping the sweat dirt and any other miscellaneous body fluids that might be dripping from the clothes that once covered his body running and jumping into his bed for at that moment he knew that nothing sweet in the world could compare! Even though such a great event had happened and as sweet as it was it could not last for the great hunger called after a day of many victories the tripas called for meat and that is a call that must answered! So the private gets up from his near slumber reaching for the nearest piece of clothing he could find throws it on and heads towards his chariot for his body cannot bear the lack of feasting that was done that day! As he approaches this great place of dreams with such bright colors he is blinded with nothing but fiery red like volcano erupting with flavor and yellow like rays of sunshine upon him heaven it must be.

He approaches a mechanical wench which gives him the greeting of the day and ask what he wishes to devour he seems confused how could such a contraption exist and as his stomach growls he knows not to get distracted for that is not what he was there for and screams what chow he was there get. Finally he arrives at the window to where he is to recive his food he takes it with great anger asking himself why was this so called Big Mac cost so much gold . it didn’t matter anymore he had accomplished the mission and stated to head back to his cave! He finally arrived home as he needed entertainment to feast he called upon his jester by the name of Netflix and began to eat knowing that the following day there was war to wage.

Oh how glorious the meal was and as the entertainment began to die down the eyes of the young private began to get smaller and smaller till they shut completely. Oh and morning came and as the private awoke realizing that he did not awake to the great screeching of the alarm looked at it and saw that the battle was about to begin oh what a fool he was having such a great feast the previous night he did not realize that he forgot to set the alarm he threw on his armor mounted his chariot rode towards the battlefield for he did not want to see his comrades defeated before he was there to help them! Luckily he got there in the nick of time no serious damage was done and at the end of the day the battle was won!

Tardiness is unacceptable. I could write a bunch of excuses on why I was late but the fact of the matter is, there is no excuse. In life and especially in the Army you have to understand that there are consequences for every action that you take, and no matter if there is an excuse you always have to remember that there are no excuses in life. When I am late I risk letting my battle buddies and noncommissioned officer s down. I have also learned that you cannot depend on anybody, to wake you up. It is my full responsibility to wake myself up and be on time. I am the one that put me in this situation so I am the one that has to fix it nobody can fix what I mess up. I have to learn from my own mistakes and try my best not to make the same mistakes in the future. Being on time is very important. If there is important information that I need to know at a certain time and I show up late I risk not knowing the things I need to know. For example if I was told to be up at the TOC to get information on a mission and I showed up late and missed that information, I could be putting my battle buddies in danger.

Or when I am told to be on time for duty and I show up late that shows irresponsibility on my part because it makes it look like I do not care. I did the crime so I have to do the time that is put before me. When I am late it makes everyone else run behind which then makes all my battle buddies wait on me. Not to mention that when everything is running behind and then we all have to end up staying later than we would have had to in the first place. It makes the whole day very hectic and then people get irritated easy. It would make things run much smoother if everyone was on time all the time. So at the end of the day I need to make enough time for everything that needs to be done especially time for rest and need to make sure I have an alarm set and if one does not suffice get two of them I need to be responsible enough to be at a place at the right time ! everyone does no exception!

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