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History of Fenway Park

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The bat and the ball has been a big part of every American’s life. Yes, you’re right. I’m talking about the infamous sport: baseball. Its history dated way back the 18th century when it is known as one of America’s favorite pastimes. Amazing it is that the said sport has entertained the American nation until the present, one of the oldest and most famous ballpark in the United States of America is located at 4 Yawkey Way Boston, Massachusetts. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the Boston’s one and only Fenway Park.

            This well-known ballpark was built to avoid fire and embarrassment of the City of Boston. John Taylor, owner of the Red Sox, proposed to build a bigger and more playable sports ground for the Red Sox as compared with the Huntington Avenue Grounds. Therefore in April 20, 1912, the 27,000-seater Fenway Park is born. It has housed the ever renowned Boston Red Sox since then. Interesting it is to know that this Fenway Park opening happened five days after the tragedy of the legendary Titanic. It is also the exact date when Detroit’s Navin Field opened too. Fenway Park held its first night game in June 13, 1947. Osborn Engineering was Fenway Park’s architect, and its construction by James McLaughlin in 1912 and by the Coleman Brothers Corporation in 1934. Dating back in 1912, the cost of the Fenway Park construction was $650,000.

            Since constant improvements and renovation were made, the 27,000-seater ballpark in 1912 became a 38,805-seater stadium at present. The seats are said to be made of oak. Talk about the capacity of Fenway Park, in the Red Sox game against the New York Yankees in 1935, it was noted that the said park was able to accommodate 47,627 thrilled and enthusiastic baseball fans resulting to an overloaded ballpark. Since accidents are very probable with this kind of circumstances, a 1940 fire law put an end to this once uncontrollable situation.

            Here are some interesting facts about Fenway Park. In the first year of the said ballpark, the Red Sox won the World Series wherein these wins were followed by three more in 1918. However, losing the Red Sox touch after the Babe Ruth-Yankees trade, it was believed the said trade cursed the famed team. Also, an electronic scoreboard was built in 1976 which was said to be a major factor in the changing of wind currents. All Star Games were held at Fenway Park in 1946, 1961, and 199, while the World Series in 1912, 1914, 1918, 1946, 1967, 1975, 1986, and 2004. Further more, on September 12, 1979 the 3,000th hit of Carl Yastrzmski was made.

            Another interesting fact is the way the retired Red Sox uniforms were put up on the right field: 9, 4, 1, 8. Looking closely, the arrangement of these numbers would imply a date before the World Series when the Red Sox would win in almost a hundred years, September 4, 1918.

            In 1999, some people think that the Fenway Park should be replaced by a sturdier ballpark. However, many hold on to this park’s memories, victories and losses. Its significance stays in the heart of many Bostonians. And for that reason, a “Save Fernway Park!” organization was also created on the said year.

We can help create history by being informed. We can help preserve it by being imvolved.  Let us help make more memories by supporting the “Save Fenway Park” organization. Your America is my America. Its victories are yours, and mine too.

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