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Han China vs Imperial Rome Political

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Belief systems experienced manipulation by the governments of Han China (203 BCE -220 CE) and Imperial Rome (31 BCE – 476 CE) as influences to control their empires, but whereas the Chinese selected adequately trained people for government to ensure the success of their empire, the Romans believed establishing “an elaborate body of laws” was the most sufficient option for maintaining their rule.

In both empires, governments maneuvered wide shared beliefs in a fashion that would rather brainwash the peoples into order. In Rome, a common belief was that their dead emperors went on to be gods, so they treated living emperors with such high respect, honoring with obedience to the laws, because of their divinity, what with the apotheosization they would experience after death and all. More so, they were so highly pedestaled that conformity to all commands was typical behavior. Similarly, in China, emperors allegedly received their position from the heavens, so long as they ruled accordingly. The Chinese followed the same sort of customs, respecting their divine authority as the Romans.

As much influence these methods had on the people to submit out of respect, there had to be another way in getting the peoples to toe the line, like a second coat of paint. For Han China it was the right choice in rulers. “This was the beginning of a civil service system, complete with examinations and selection by which did much to integrate the Chinese empire and lasted into the early twentieth century.” Appointing trained people meant they could trust these officials to regulate the law and conform to it as well. Imperial Rome’s way of “effective centralized control” over their vast empire of many people and lots of space was instituting good laws. Laws that would create order, yet also appeal to all Romans so they would agree to them and follow them. Laws “applicable equally to all, … dealing with matter of justice property, commerce, and family life.” They knew people would follow the laws if they were understandable, reasonable and catered to everyone. In conclusion, between both empires, lie significant outlines for government success, and varied opinions exist on which empire’s system was more beneficial. Yet, most can agree that while the empires chose other ways to regulate their people, they can agree that silent brainwash was an important factor in keeping citizens out of mischief.

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