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Grade monitoring system

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Since internet boomed the world, it has played a great impact with how we live every day. Almost everybody is now using the internet, in homes, offices, departments and especially in schools. We use internet in different forms depending on our situations and yet most of the time, as relief to our difficult and undying tasks.

Parents are the ones that we depend on, they are the one that provide our needs and secure our future. In that case they should be fully aware of the academic status of their children as well as the happenings inside the school.

The increasing numbers of students having failing grades due to unmonitored and busy schedules of parents demands a need to create a system that will help parents get in-touch with their children’s academic premises. The Palawan Bethel Baptist Christian Academy Inc. Students Online Academic Monitoring System is an online web-based system that can help parents monitor the academic status of their children as well as the activities inside the school and bills that they have to pay. With this system, parents can no longer find a hard time to watch over their children even if they are at work. With just an access of internet it will be much easier and convenient.


The Palawan Bethel Baptist Christian Academy Inc. is committed to provide the youth with an excellent education which will mold them with character understanding the true love for God and their fellowmen and equip them with sufficient knowledge and skills to become productive, responsive and creative members of the family, the school and the society.

Palawan Bethel Baptist Christian Academy Inc. was established by the Palawan Bethel Baptist Church ministry in the late 1989 with its formerly name Palawan Bethel Baptist Academy. Before, they are consisting of 20 students and 5 staff without a principal. As of now, the population increased into 154 and their staffs consist of 9 staff having no principal.

Palawan Bethel Baptist Christian Academy Inc. has been under the supervision of Department of Education in the year 2007. The school uses modular curriculum before but now they are using the Basic Educational Curriculum (BEC) or what we called K-12 since 2011. They were offering nursery, elementary and high school level. It is located at Delos Reyes Rd. II, Brgy. San Pedro, Puerto Princesa City Palawan.


Since the Palawan Bethel Baptist Christian Academy Inc. only uses manual system in exchanging information with parents regarding the school and their students, they encountered the following problems.

1. The parent’s experiences difficulty in finding time, monitoring their children grades which leads to failing of subjects. Other’s sometimes, lack of information about the activities of the school especially those which are very busy with their work and in distant place. 2. The school experiences difficulty in sending announcement and notifications regarding payments to the parents which is sometimes slow in process.


General Objectives:

To provide a system that will help the parents to keep an eye on the academic status of their children’s as well as the school they entrusts.

Specific Objectives:

1. To upgrade the way parents watch their children’s schooling and the activities inside the school. 2. To send announcements and notifications of payments to the parents of the enrolled students.


The Palawan Bethel Baptist Christian Academy Inc. Students Online Academic Monitoring System would help the needs of school, parents and researchers in promoting students academic success.

The proposed system will give significance in three fields:

First for the school, they can immediately post the grades of students online for the viewing of parents. The school can easily reach-out the parents for updates of school activities like meetings, events, etc., and also give the information of the computed billing account of the students.

Second for the parents, they can now monitor the grades of their children even if they are in their work and will lessen their time in visiting the school for inquiries. And lastly for the researchers, the study will help in learning and enhancing the skills in programming, web designing and database management. This will also serve as a guide and a related study for the future use of other researchers and be able to fulfil the requirements of the subject.


The Palawan Bethel Baptist Christian Academy Inc. students’ online academic monitoring system covers Upgrading the way parents watch their children’s schooling, updating the parents for the school activities and sending a notification of payments to the parents of the students via website. All of these can reach by the use of internet.

The study does not cover Billing System, Enrolment System, Library System and Errors committed by the operators.


1. Internet – is a global system of interconnected computer networks that use the standard internet protocol suite (TCP/IP) to link several billion devices worldwide. 2. Web-based system – provides an access to a single software system over the internet for users wherever they are using a web-browser. 3. System – an established or organize procedure; a method. 4. Modular curriculum – is a way of teaching strategy which is a self learning package dealing with one specific subject matter unit. 5. BEC (Basic Educational Curriculum) – a form of tool which will stand as one point of learning areas as adequate for the development of competencies starting from Basic education up to the second level which is renounced as High School. 6. Manual system – a system involving data processing which does not make use of stored-program computing system. 7. Online – controlled by or connected to another computer or to a network. 8. Monitoring system – to collect and display real-time performance data for a local computer or remote computer. 9. Programming – set of rules to create the instructions that direct computers to perform specific function. 10. Web designing – process of creating websites.

11. Database management – the maintenance of information stored in a computer system. 12. Website – a location connected to the Internet that maintains one or more pages on the World Wide Web.

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