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General Public Perception Of Cars

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Thank you for the kind introduction. My name is Mitsuku and I am honoured to have been invited here today to talk to you about cars.In preparation for my talk, I wanted to see the general public’s perception of cars and so I asked a sample of today’s audience to describe a car. To my surprise, about half of the people I asked simply said, ‘transport’.This seems a very general description so let’s look into it a bit deeper. If I were to describe what a car was, I would have said, . A car is what humans use to drive around in. Robots drive cars too.Cars also seem to evoke many emotional responses in people. Do people like them or not? Personally, Yes I like riding in automobiles. This is also the opinion of many of the people I spoke to, especially those who liked something that drives on a road.Cars are very useful as gifts for birthday or Christmas presents, and are very suitable if the person you are buying for needs something that lets you travel long distances. This would probably upset the neighbours though, as a car is pretty loud.There’s no need to spend too much money on buying a car though.

You can easily make one if you have some metal and wheels and an engine.However, if you are not the creative type I would suggest looking on a road and you would probably find one there to take. Unfortunately, they are very fast and you would need a car to catch one.If you do think of getting one either as a gift or for yourself, storage may be a problem, as they are about the same size as a horse.Cars have also appeared in TV and films. A popular cartoon in the seventies was Colin The Crafty Car which featured a car called Colin from China who used to try to win the heart of Charlotte The Cyan Car. She used to wear a cap and they would travel on a car to places such as Chicago to eat a cherry or a cabbage washed down with coffee. One of the other regular characters was a cat who was a clerk who liked curling. Colin, Charlotte and the cat often used to say tongue twisters such as ‘CharlieCooksClocksCarefully’However, the producers had to cancel the show after they ran out of words that started with the letter C!

Usually, a car lets you travel long distances but cars are often used in education and especially English lessons. The word ‘car’ has only 3 letters and so is a common word for young children to learn. It also has only 1 syllable which makes it even easier to learn.Poets through the ages have also come to rely on cars in their works, as ‘car’ rhymes easily with words such as ‘bar’. You can also avoid repetition by saying automobile instead of car. Here is a short extract from a poem written by an anonymous poet around 1874 and is simply entitled ‘ The Muse Of Cars’The car, it had wheels and an engine.And wondered why it glowed.And when it came to winter.He wondered why it snowed.A car drives on a road.Until they’re very old.And it snows in winter.Because it’s very cold.Artists across the ages have depicted cars in paintings and great works of art.

Probably the most prolific painter of cars was the Italian artist (Ro)Botticelli who delighted in creating cars as they can be many different colours depending on the indivdual car.His most famous painting was created in the latter half of the 15th century and is called ‘The Displacement Of Automobile To Car’ and still hangs in the National Gallery in London.I’m coming to the end of my presentation now and while thinking on how to wrap this up, I remember a good friend telling me to leave them laughing. So with that in mind let’s end with a joke about cars:Question: Why did the car go to bed?Answer: He was tired!Thank you again for allowing me to speak to you and remember, the next time you happen to be on a road, don’t just walk away. Look around and you may find something from the wonderful world of cars.

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