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Gender, Race, Ethnicity and Class – Canadian History

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This paper is a critical book review of the book: La Nouvelle France: the making of French Canada: a cultural History written by Peter N. Moogk. This book is said to be a great contribution to the French colonial History.  Through his Moogk has proved that the New France is extremely different from the one that existed a decade ago.

The book and issues of gender, race, ethnicity or class

La Nouvelle France: the making of French Canada: a cultural History is described as a book which offers a clear insight to the reader to the history of France years before. There were issues of gender, race, ethnicity and class among the people living there and Moogk has captured a clear picture of it and his book reflects upon it. Through his book Moogk has made an attempt to explicate the history French- Canada by describing the genesis of French-Canadian attributes such as social values and behavioral patterns.

The matter of the book not only comprises of the detailed information about the history of French-Canada or the old France but it also includes dissertations about the issues of race, gender, ethnicity and class such as French-Amerindian relations, the impact of French government institutions, the character of French exiles, and group and institutional loyalties. The initial chapters of the book inform the reader with exquisite and apparent details of the birth, growth, and development of French-Indian relationships in the colony. He discusses how the early Franciscan and Jesuit attempted to compel Algonquian and Huron peoples to accept Christianity as their religion. This Imposition gave rise to disputes on the issues of culture and religion, which did not favor a harmonious relationship between the natives and the immigrants. The natives did not fear the immigrants; instead they had feelings of contempt and anger for them, which they showed frequently in different ways. The main dispute was based on the sensitive issues of race, culture, gender and neither of the two was ready to alter or give up their false beliefs.

The content of ‘La Nouvelle France: the making of French Canada: a cultural History’ speaks forthright about the anguish and distress that existed in the historical relationship between the people of French and English-speaking Canada. It also includes a deep analysis of the colonial social institutions, values, and experiences that shaped modern French Canada. Moogk has depicted the Anglo-French cultural struggle to the seventeenth century through his writings and in this attempt he has been able to encounter a New France that is extremely different from the one that is seen in the history (Powell -Synopses & Reviews).

The book addresses the issues of gender, race, ethnicity and class as the main theme. The issues native people had feelings of hatred and contempt for the first white newcomers and did not fear them. The French relations with native Peoples were not engulfed into a harmonious relation instead there were conflicts on the issues of class and ethnicity. The relations between French and native people were standing on a verge of dispute all the time and there was a lot of tension in these relations as well. A large number of people who immigrated to the colony were not radicals, but they were people who loathed to have moved away from their very own homeland. They spoke various languages and French dialects. Some of these immigrants returned to Europe but even those who remained indulged in racial and class issues and were extreme conformists that did not wish to leave their beliefs and developed their own institutions (UBC, University of British Columbia Press). Moogk represents the gender issues as a hurting issue of the region. Moogk describes families who are stubborn and do not approve of openly expressing affection to their children. Women are depicted as beings that are dependent who have the whole responsibility of continuing a marriage (Noel, 2002)

The Author’s Thesis, Argument and Evidence

La Nouvelle France: the making of French Canada: a cultural History’ is a book through which the author has tried to bring about the difference in the New France and the France that existed before. There has been a tremendous change in the culture, traditions and beliefs.  The theme or thesis of this book was to present cultural and social history of France and highlight the changes occurred since the passing years. Moogk has drawn a vividly and beautifully portrayed the New France through his books. The author provides arguments and evidence for his theme by narrating the incidents of history of France. Moogk presents literature, statistical studies, government, legal, and private documents in France, Britain, and North America as evidence for his arguments and to describe the traits of the colonists (UBC, University of British Columbia Press).

Strengths and Weaknesses of the Book

The book ‘La Nouvelle France: the making of French Canada: a cultural History’ is a strong depiction of the tension and conflicts that existed in between French and Canada on the basis of class, gender, race and ethnicity. The possess strength to convince the readers of the theme as the book contains rich factual material which is related to the conditions that existed in the source regions of France and in the colonies, both Canada and Acadia, and to some extent in the western territories (Book Review, The Journal of American History).

The book’s major strength is in its detailed studies of social groups in the distant settlements of New France. Quebec City, rustic Acadia, and the Louisbourg seaport spring to life.  The book possesses persuasive arguments to convince its readers and Moogk creatively describes marriage contracts as a means of measuring status, and relating to be independent of wealth in this ‘ancien régime colony’. The book contains photos of items from Moogk’s collection, and the interest and passion he has in the history of French Canada can be seen through them. At the end of the book, the writer narrates a beautiful and informed chapter on religion and magic (Noel, 2002).  Peter Moogk through his book ‘La Nouvelle France: The Making of French Canada–A Cultural History’ has not tried to make a claims to systematic coverage of what he views as ‘a lose chain of isolated . . . outpost[s] of French culture’ (p.12). A lot has been added to the writings on insults and immigration by including spirited pieces on the common concepts of colonists and native peoples, the state, colonial identity in Canada and Acadia, and popular religion (The William and Mary Quarterly).

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