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Future Career and Related Majors

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Everyone has their ideal future subject. For me, my ideal major is kinesiology or directing. I’d like to be a sports team manager or film director. I find three schools that I might be going to study there, they are Toronto Film School, University of Western Ontario, and Bishop’s University. I will compare the characteristics of these schools and choose the school and major I want to go to in the future.

Being a director has been my dream since childhood because I believe that my personality and way of thinking are particularly suitable for being an artist. I hope that by making my films, I can convey my thoughts and ideas to the audience and send a message to the audience. Because of my interest in sports, I also hope to pursue a career related to my hobby in the future. Being a sports journalist is a good choice, but I would prefer to directly manage a team and lead them to victory, which is my ideal.

Toronto Film School

Toronto film academy is the only film and television school recognized by both the Chinese government and the education department of the Canadian government. It is the best film academy in Canada. In this school, I can learn more about movies, how to understand a movie, how to draw inspiration from daily life, and how to make a good movie. If I want to get into this school, I need at least 5.5 on the IELTS, which is easy for me. The school is located in the downtown area of Toronto, with convenient transportation and beautiful environment. After class, I can also work in a nearby store to earn my living and experience Canadian life.

University de Montreal

The University of Montreal is one of the leading comprehensive universities in Canada. In recent years, the academic research achievements of the university are ranked second in Canada. It is the largest French teaching school in the world. This school has one of the best sports majors in Canada, and I can not only learn about sports there but also go to the home of the MLS team Montreal Impact F.C to watch the games. We can get more knowledge about sports by watching the game. But the university of Montreal teaches in French, and I need to learn French if I want to go there. It’s too difficult for me.

Bishop’s University

Bishop’s university, founded in 1843, is a public university operated by the provincial government of Quebec. Although located in the french-speaking province of Quebec, it is an English teaching university. This school has the best kinesiology program in Canada. Bishop’s university is located in Sherbrooke, the intersection of several major cities in Canada and the United States. The transportation is very convenient, only half an hour’s drive away from the nearby big cities at most. I can go to the game and watch it in my free time. I need a score of 6.5 to enter this school, which is quite challenging for me.


According to my analysis, the University of Montreal needs to learn French, the Toronto film institute only needs 5.5 points to enter, and the university Bishop’s University only needs 6.5 points to enter. I don’t think the university of Montreal is right for me, but I prefer a career related to sports, so the kinesiology major of Bishop’s University is my first choice.


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