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”Faith” by Nick Hornby

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  • Category: Novel

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The text to analyze is the titled Faith by Nick Hornby. He is an English novelist. His work frequently touches upon music, sport, and the aimless and obsessive natures of his protagonists. From the title of the story we can supposed that this text is about confident belief in the truth, value, or trustworthiness of a person, an idea, or a thing. There is no information about time but the main characters Paul and Sarah are rather modern. The action takes place in London. But it’s really unimportant in this story because it can happen with everyone. The story has a close plot structure. It has an exposition from which we knew about the main characters. Paul and Sarah have for a long time tried to get a baby. But it doesn’t work. No matter what they do Sarah doesn’t get pregnant. This story is written in strait line narrative presentation because all events are arranged in chronological order. The main characters are described indirectly. The author presents them through their thoughts and actions. From the first line we understand that for a couple the time they are going through is a crucial point in their lives. Paul and Sarah are in a state of indecision (feel doubts).

They get stuck and frustrated because they do not know what to do next. The development of relations is not happening. And it seems because they both subconsciously realize they do not want that. They have already got this ruttinnoy life “same friends, same restaurants and jobs and things to do” but it is so stable that no one wants to part with this habitual way of things (life). Sarah is afraid of changes. The culmination of the story is when one fan made ​​a thoughtless act, and brought into his and the lives of others something new. This step led to a series of changes. He was heard, he defended what he believed. And it helps the heroine brush her doubts away and choose her own way, follow her faith. The author often uses repetition to convey what they fall into a rut. Also there are syntactic parallelisms in the story “ maybe it’s the smoking. Maybe I’ve only got you know.. I’m going to. And I’m going to put”. Also it can be found syndetic series such as : “you’re always going loo, or getting a glass of water, or going to turn the answerphone on.”

The author use metaphor to describe Sara’s state “there was a hole in her that he would never be able to fill..jumble in her head..” and simile “ just jumble around in her spin-dryer of a head, everything the same size, all tangled up together”. Everything helps to realize the situation, to feel the main characters and try to answer those rhetorical questions to understand main characters. These text contains different semantic fields but most of all these are emotions such as disappointment, expectation, indecision. The story, Faith, written by Nick Hornby, is mainly about relationship and the death of it. Faith can be interpreted in various ways. One may rely on fate to help them succeed in life and to help them find true love.

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