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Samsung Essays

Consequences of an Economic Crisis: The Samsung and The Greek Banks case

1. Introduction An economic crisis can be defined as the sudden collapse of an economy induced by a financial catastrophe. Symptoms may include inflation and deflation, falling GDP and can result in a recession or a depression. Visually, economic crises and their cycles can be depicted by a convex-like point …

Competitive Advantages of Samsung

Samsung’s competitive advantage and profitability are evident upon analyzing how their use of assets, manpower efficiencies and pricing schemes that have consistently created a substantial and positive differentiation from their competition. For example, Samsung took the early lead in the DRAM manufacturing market by improving both production efficiency and time …

Samsung’s Marketing Strategy for Global Market

Introduction Samsung has built a name for itself, whether it is for their smartphones or the televisions. This study is synopses for the best strategies for helping Samsung reach their goal in home electronics market. The new and improved 3D televisions will be marketed as an advanced, industry-leading technology. Samsung …

Samsungs Generic Competitive Strategy

Samsung Electronics is a South Korean based MNC, dealing in consumer electronics and related services. Samsung Electronics is a subsidiary of its mega giant parent company – Samsung (Burris, 2020). As of 2017, Samsung reported to have the 6th highest global brand value. Samsung comprises a number of affiliated businesses …

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Problems

Samsung, a global tech powerhouse, is known for its top of the line products that deliver superior value at an affordable price to consumers around the world, but even companies like Samsung are susceptible to unforeseen problems. At the start of 2016, Samsung’s mobile division was “focused on strengthening the …

The Position That I Would Like To Pursue In Samsung Electronics

Samsung is the third largest electronics company in the world. The company was founded in 1938 by Lee Byung-Chul who was a South Korean businessman. The main headquarters of Samsung is located in Seoul, South Korea. It is recognized around the globe for its technology devices, with the achievement of …

Samsung Electronics Case Analysis

Overview Samsung Electronics is one of the world’s leading memory chip producers for all types of electronic products. Led by chairman Kun Hee Lee, the firm prides itself in efficiency and reliability. Samsung contains three core business sectors including electronics, finance, and trade and service, but this case analysis focuses …

Samsung's Operations Management Critical Analysis

Executive Summery Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd is one of reputed and leading companies that produce innovative and revolutionary smartphones. This study critically evaluate Operations management decision areas related to Quality Management, Supply Chain Management and Inventory Management of Samsung Electronics Co. LTD. 4V configuration is carefully compared with Apple Inc. …

Samsung Explained: Inside and Out

Samsung, formally known as Samsung Mulsan Gongsa or Samsung Trading Corporation has always been known as a highly influential company in the electronic industry (Samsung Group SuccessStory, 2019). Their advanced technological breakthroughs and affordable products and services are what make Samsung stand out from their rising competitors. The founder of …

Samsung and Apple Competition

Competition is common among companies that produce the same products. Two of the most well known competitors that are in the electronic market are Samsung and Apple. For years, they have been competing to produce the most popular technological devices. Each competing to be on top. Constantly creating individual and …

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