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Enron Essays

Enron’s Demise - Where There Warning Signs?

Enron is a company which headquarters is located in Houston, Texas. Enron was first headed by Samuel F. Segnar. Enron was the result of InterNorth’s acquisition of Houston Natural Gas in 1985. Under the new terms of this acquisition, the company was headed by Kenneth Lay on the first day …

An Ethical Analysis of the Enron Scandal

The Enron scandal is one that left a deep and ugly scar on the face of modern business. As a result of the scandal, thousands of people lost their jobs, some people lost their entire pensions, and all of the shareholders lost the money that they had invested in the …

The Enron Fiasco

The Enron Corporation came into being during the 1980s when Omaha- and Nebraska-based Northern Natural Gas Company created a holding company by the name of InterNorth, which then merged with the Houston Natural Gas to establish the now-defunct Enron.  Initially engaged in the electricity business, the company became a major …

The Most Significant Implications Of The Enron Collapse

Introduction Enron, the seventh top company in the United States until 2001, it collapsed because its’ executive officers: the chief executive officer, the chief operation officer and the chief finance officer used the tool: the accounting standard of “market to market” to accommodate the financial phenomena. “Market to market” is …

Enron in Auditing Profession

Introduction:     This paper seeks to analyse and discuss whether the changes made have achieved the goals intended after post-Enron in auditing profession.  The analysis will start with the identification of the individual and the industry challenges created by the Enron crisis. Industry and Individual changes caused by Enron scandal …

Bigger Than Enron

There were a number of actions in the film “Bigger than Enron” that led to the changes in the Sarbanes-Oxley bill. The companies that were much of the reason for these reforms were Enron, Sunbeam, and Anderson, and companies connected with them. Enron did a number of things that had …

Enron Froud

“Enron, a Houston-based energy firm founded by Kenneth Lay, transformed itself over its sixteen years lifespan from an obscure gas pipeline concern to the world’s largest energy-trading company (both off and online). Enron has become an interstate and intrastate natural gas pipeline company with approximately 37,000 miles of pipe. Enron …

How Ethics Influence Behavior in Organizations

In reality, there are some specific regulations governing our lives. However, regulations do not restrain everything. In some aspects, ethics play a much more important role than regulations. Ethics is “the code of moral values or principles that governs the behaviors of a person or group with respect to what …

Enron's Weather Derivatives

Background In October Mary Watts, CFO of Pacific Northwest Electric (PNW) reviewed the forward plan for PNW’s 200-2001 season. PNW’s has been experiencing nearly no EPS growth since 1995 due to deregulation and warmer-than-average winter climate. The stock price had suffered accordingly, but there maybe a way to hedge the …

Sarbanes-Oxley Act

RE: Niskanen, W. A. (2005). Congress Should Repeal the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. Retrieved from http://www.cato.org/pub_display.php?pub_id=6624 Melvin, S. P. (2011). The legal environment of business: A managerial approach: Theory to practice. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill/Irwin. ARTICLE SYNOPSIS This article is about Congress a suggested revoke of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOA) of 2002. …

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