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Pollution Essays

Environmental Destruction: When Ignorance isn't Bliss

Global warming is slowly but surely becoming a concern to many scientists who are realizing the increasing frequency and intensity of natural disasters occurring around the world. Based on specific arguments presented in the essays, “The Fire Next Time” by Jeff Goodell and “Going to Extremes” by Linda Marsa, one …

Deforestation Problems in the Amazon Ecosystem

The Amazon is filled with lots of the worlds biggest things but sometimes it doesn’t have good effects or it’s not being treated how it should. Lots of the people living in the Amazon cherish the land and the rivers but the ones who don’t are destroying the ecosystem little …

Our Ecosystems are Being Disrupted and Destroyed by the Hands of Humans

All over the world our ecosystems are being disrupted and destroyed by the hands of humans not realizing that the forest and oceans we cut down and pollute are the very things keeping the human race alive. Conservation is important because the more habitats that are preserved and protected the …

The Gases Emitted from Factory Smoke Cause Significant Damage

Subsistence farming, where farmers depend on self-sufficiency, and cultivate what fills their needs, and is characterized by the availability of several types of crops, as well as animals, as the family needs throughout the year, and is planned for planting during the coming season and years, for what the farmer …

How Bolsonaro’s Environmental Views Will Affect the Future

Stretching across two million square miles inside Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Guyana, Surinam, and French Guiana, the Amazonian Rainforest -known as the lungs of Earth- absorbs more carbon dioxide than it emits. The largest environmental threats to the Amazon include land degradation and water pollution caused by mining, …

Mining Had Bad Consequences for Environment

It is undeniable that mining leads to big disadvantages. Mining is the process or industry of collecting coal or other minerals from mine such as diamonds, golds and that sorts of things.Of course it is good for the economy of the people and it improves the quality of our lives, …

Rainforest Destruction Should be Prohibited, Outlawed, Stopped Immediately

Have you ever heard the saying that the rainforest are the lungs of the Earth? Did you know “an estimated 18 million Acres of forest roughly the size of Panama are lost each year, according to the United Nations food and Agriculture Organization” (Guy-Allen,2014). Rainforests are dying at the hands …

Deforestation of The Amazon

The Amazon is the largest rainforest in the world, covering 2,100,000 miles across South America. Since 1978, the Amazon has lost about 300,000 miles of rain forest. By the early 2000s, more than three-quarters of forest clearing in the Amazon was for cattle-ranching. However, it’s not just cattle-ranching, the Amazon …

Forestry Industry Impact on Economy

What is happening to the Earth? Our home is becoming a barren mass of sorrow. Most people in America are blind to what is going on. Could it be that every individual is just turning a cheek the other way? America is faced with an extremely serious problem, and if …

Deforestation Negatively Affects Our Planet

Deforestation is literally destroying the earth. Everyday animals are losing their habitat and going extinct. The issue with deforestation is how it is negatively affecting our planet. Entire forests are being destroyed for human purposes. In my research paper, I will explore what deforestation is, how it will affect everyday …

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