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Educating: Debut Albums and Rita Quotation Act

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  • Category: Education

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Scene 1
1. Rita: “Do you get a lot of students like me?”
Frank: “Not exactly, no…”

2. Rita: “You work for the ordinary university, don’t y’? With the real students.”

3. Rita: “If I pack the course in I’ll post it to y’.”

4. Rita: “But if you want change y’ have to do it from the inside.”

5. Frank: “I think you’re the first breath of air that’s been in this room for years.”

6. Frank: “I think you’re marvellous.”

7. Rita: “I don’t wanna baby yet. I wanna discover meself first.”

8. Frank: “I’m actually appalling teacher… appalling teaching is quite in order for most of my appalling students.”

Scene 2

1. Rita: “If I’d started takin’ school seriously, I would have had to become different from me mates, an’ that’s not allowed.”

2. Rita: “Studyin’ was just for the whimps, wasn’t it?”

3. Rita: “Till one day, y’ own up to yourself an’ y’ say, is this it? Is this the absolute maximum I can expect form this livin’ lark? An’ that’s the big moment that one, that’s the point when y’ have to decide whether it’s gonna be another change of dress or a change in yourself. An’ it’s really temptin’ to go out an’ get another dress y’ know, it is. Cos it’s easy, it doesn’t cost anythin’ it doesn’t upset anyone around y’. Like cos they don’t want y’ to change.”

4. Rita: “ … an’ y’ all havin’ a great time talkin’ about somethin’ an’ te next thing they wanna do is turn it into a lesson.”

5. Frank: “ Possessing a hungry mind is not, in itself, a guarantee of success.”

Scene 3

Rita: “I’m dead ignorant y’ know.”

2. Rita: “I’m here to learn. My mind’s full of junk, isn’t it? It needs a good clearin’ out.”

Scene 4

1. Rita: “Denny get’s dead narked if I work at home. He doesn’t like me doin’ this. I can’t be bothered arguin’ with him.”

Rita: “Cos by us there is no meanin’ of life.”

3. Rita: “…they know they’ve got nothin’ as well. There’s like this soft of disease. But no one mentions it; everyone behaves as though it’s normal..”

4. Rita: “You know what I learnt from you, about art an’ literature, it feeds me, inside. I can get through the rest of the week if I know I’ve got comin’ here to look forward to. Denny tried to stop me comin’ tonight. He tried to get me to go out to the pub with him an’ his mates. He hates me comin’ here. It’s like drug addicts, isn’t it? They hate it when one of them tries to break away. It makes me stronger comin’ here. That’ what Denny’s frightened of.”

Scene 6

Rita: “Well I just – i just had to tell someone who’d understand.”

Frank: “I’m honored that you chose me.”

Scene 7
Rita didn’t come to the party.

1. Rita: “…I was thinkin’ what to wear… An’ all the time I’m trying to think of things I can say, what I can talk about.”

2. Frank: “Don’t you realize how people would have seen you if you’d just- just breezed in? They would have seen someone who’s funny, delightful, charming…”

3. Rita: “Funny? What’s funny? I don’t wanna be funny. I wanna talk seriously with the rest of you, I don’t wanna spend the night takin’ the piss, comin’ on with the funnies because that’s the only way I can get into the conversation. I didn’t want to come to your house just to play the court jester.”

4. Rita: “But I don’t want to be meself. Me? What’s me? Some stupid woman who gives us all a laugh because she thinks she can learn, because she thinks that one day she’ll like the rest of them, talkin’ seriously, confidently, with knowledge, livin’ a civilized life.”

5. Rita: “Because I’m a freak. I can’t talk to the people I live with any more. An’ I can’t talk to the likes of them on Saturday, or them out there, because I can’t learn the language.”

6. Rita: “I’m a half-caste.”

7. Rita: “I said, ‘Why are y’ cryin’, Mother?’ She said, ‘Because- because we could sing better songs than those.’ Denny pretending she hadn’t said it. But she had. And that’s why I come back. And that’s why I’m staying.”

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