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Do women deserve equal prize money?

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The issue that I am researching is ‘Do women deserve equal prize money?’ The issue I am going to be analyzing is if women do get paid the same as men for sport and that they should if they don’t get paid the same. This is an issue because women do work as hard as men in sports and shouldn’t be underestimated. They play the same amount of time and have the same scoring system. The public and media also compare them to men the same. In some sports, the people do believe that men sports are more likable and people watch more of men’s sports. Which I think that in some sports the men do get more interest and women get watched in more feminine sports. To which they should be paid equally for no matter what women play and how many people watch them. In some sports like figure skating and gymnastics men and women get paid the same so that should be the case for all sports.


I think that women should receive equal prize because they work just as hard as men and train the same amount of hours. Women are physically weaker and are not as skilled as men. But they are both competing in the same sports and compared the same. Women physically have fewer muscles in their upper body near their shoulders and neck. Women have 30% less lung capacity and 20% fewer blood cells which puts them at an even more disadvantage. Equal pay, equal pay. 30% of sports refuse to equally pay women in the same sport as men still. Women athletes should be empowered and respected in such an influential sport. Women shouldn’t feel inferior to men. The difference in their muscle distribution could be up to 30%.

Men athletes do deserve to be paid more because they simply get more views on their games. The Wimbledon’s men’s finals had 9.2 million viewers and the Wimbledon’s women’s finals had 4.3 million viewers. Men do attract more sponsors and spectators for their games. Men are naturally good at sport so they should get paid more. If women want to be paid equally they should get rid of gender-based sports. Men deserve to have larger crowds because the intensity they play at and how likable they are. If women don’t get enough support from fans or attendance they wouldn’t have enough money to get paid the same as men.

Positive Impacts: Women get the chance to have equal rights and be treated the same like they get judged the same. People might start to appreciate women’s sport more. Women will feel superior to men. They will finally get what they deserve and what they have worked for. Media will be attracted to this and it will spread awareness. Women can be a role model for girls in the future if they want to attempt sporting careers. People would recognize women’s sports more and appreciate them. Going to women’s matches are cheaper to buy tickets.
Negative Impacts: This might start a big debate in the sports community where people would fight about this. It will bring a lot of media to the sports community. This could create drama in the sports community that is unnecessary. Women’s sport doesn’t get enough interest in their sports to support the equal earnings of men. Women will feel pressured if they earn the same as men to be as physically the same as them when they are completely not.

Positive Impacts: More interest would be shown in men’s sports and therefore they earn more money from all the attention. Men could dominate more sports and attract even more media attention. Men deserve to be known as superior because of there physically stronger and better. More people will become fans of the dominant men sports and that’s what everyone will go for and support. Men will be seen as the sports icon and will bring everyone all over the world to mainly watch men’s sports and to support men only.
Negative Impacts: Female athletes will feel inferior and this could create a bad image for the sports community. Again, this would create unnecessary drama that would create chaos in the media. People will completely become uninterested in women’s sport.

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