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Deva student’s property website development

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In the United Kingdom, different scholars have noted the rapid increase in the housing demand an aspect created by the increase in the number of international and even local students in the UK based Universities and colleges. Consequently, this results to creation of large commercial markets in the provision of rental related services in the respective university towns, a market that is satisfied by a range of providers. Studies available in the grounds of student properties especially in Chester vicinity have proved to be of importance by providing adequate information on the rental services offered in the area. For instance, several businesses in Chester offer housing related solutions to mostly international students. This organizations include; “Chesterstudentrentals”, Chesterstudentlets” and “Mathewsofchester” among other upcoming business with the same ambitions of offering solutions to students rental problems. The above quoted providers have been operating in the city of Chester as a result of the students influx in the University of Chester. Comparing to other universities in the United Kingdom, Chester University is among the newly formed campuses and has a population of almost 15,000 students. Moreover, the rapidly growing number of students in the university indicates that accommodation needs are on the high and the need to augment the number of businesses offering rental facilities in the region is critical. Growth at the university has outstripped the ability of the university and even the private sector to provide the necessary accommodation an aspect that is anticipated to multiply in the future. This rather boosts the demand for more competitive organizations in the verge of the online elites in the education system that to a certain extent prefer online offered services than the traditional ways of presenting services. The need of digitizing the rental services hence without delay prompted the companies in Chester creates websites for their current customers as well as the anticipated potential ones. This research paper aims at critically evaluating the above-quoted business websites, by critically appraising their website’s competing approaches between their technologies as well as establishing new trends and technologies in website development and web application technologies.

For the business quoted above, web technologies and the websites they use play a vital role in their daily technical and related business activities. The business through their developers uses diverse web technologies available in the market for developing their businesses. Some of the most competing and well delivering technologies include the PHP and ASP.Net among others. In respect to the competing approaches between technologies the business are not left behind. The websites in the case of their convenience are referred to being informative and attractive, easy to access and catching to the eyes of those who visit them. The contents of the websites are comprehensive and comprehensible in that they meet the needs of the majority students, both local and international. In terms of the websites’ overall appearance, the first impressions gained from visiting the websites especially chesterstudentsrental are positive enhanced especially by the extensive use of colors which over ages have been described as portrayers of calmness and importance as pertains students likeability. Furthermore, branding of the websites is quite catching a feature that makes the sites memorable and recallable in the eyes of the potential students. These aspects prove that a good website in all aspects is the best selling tool in the rental and accommodation industry especially for students who are regular visitors of such sites. However, despite all this recommendable features of the three business websites, there are several critical issues where they have failed. For instance, they have failed in the creation of shorter pages and in the creation of second subsequent pages. In addition, users, who are students, are faced with problem of differentiating where to pay for their rental fees, and where to apply. In the similar manner, the contents of registration are not obvious to the student users hence creating many difficulties in the usage of the websites.

In the point of advising Deva students property, a good website is the ultimate tool for a profitable and successful business and the efficacy is assessed on the websites usability and its ability to offer reliable services to its users. Most importantly, for the website to be reliable, Deva students’ property should make a website that is easy to navigate. This can only be enhanced by the use of user-friendly techniques and methods by the creation of clear navigations. For instance, the examples of the earlier discussed websites are simple but most of the times they fail due to poorly developed navigation that is confusing to student customers. The fact of the matter is that when students fail to access the website as quick as possible, they end up finding alternative services from other providers. For Deva Student’ property, their website should include all this to ensure that they win the hearts of almost all online oriented student clients within the United Kingdom. Therefore, the easier the navigation of the website is, the better the situation for Deva student’ property.

Deva students’ property in this case should invest much on the project development on the adoption of significant website development approaches. This involves critical evaluation of the target audience since there are many different students with different resource capabilities in order to bring the project from initiation to conclusion. The website to be development should be competitive enough and beat the available websites by being able to coordinate and manage the students, their resources in terms of finances as well as considering the best and the most competitive approaches in terms of technologies to be employed. The website developer should ensure that website development follows a successful approach from discovery to design, alongside determining the best creation and development approaches. In addition, the website developer should ensure that the entire website is created on the requirements discovered; that is the should pass through system and user acceptance testing.

Task 2

           Website technology refers to developing a mechanism that enable two or more computers and other electronic devices to communicate through a particular network that links the devices through a common system ( Kamal, 2002,p.23) For example, in normal office set up all computers and printers are interconnected. This is made to allow the transmission of information from one device to another conveniently. Due to the revolution of the technology, many complex and diverse web technologies have emerged (Scobey & Lingras, 2013, p.56). Business apply these technologies after a scrutinizing each technology to determine how it works, its merits and limitations to a particular task. Some of the available technologies that Deva Student Properties can apply are in developing update websites that best serve their clients are outlined below.

Hyper Text Markup Language, abbreviated ( HTML) is a web technology that consists of a set of a sequence of sign and codes that are inserted into a file for anticipated display on a web page browser (Scobey, P., & Lingras 2013, p.109). These markup signs and codes tell the web browser how to display words and images for the user. A single markup code is commonly known as a tag.HTML the most used web technology today due to its efficiency although it is highly complicated. It allows for texts and descriptions to be set on a page with hyperlinks facilitating linkage to other pages contained by the website. Additionally the hyperlinks enable the user link to further websites that are within the web (Scobey et al 2013, p.177). Moreover, the hyperlinks enable the user link to further websites that are within the web due to its usability it may develop websites that are highly interactive. The technology includes; fluid animation music play and social sites such as face book into the websites (Andriole, 2010, p.24). Since the functionality is built on the browser, charts animations and other rich contents may be embed without using plugings and third party programming. In addition, HTML provides a good office application cache. It grants an opportunity to the web developer to determine which to specify the files, which the browser should cache. This ensures that when the user refreshes a page even when they are offline the page will still load correctly. This form of cache has numerous advantages such as faster file loading and reduced load on the server.HTML is used to track essential data. Since data is continuously added on HTML request header, response time may be negatively impacted upon.html responds to this mishap by two storage in HTML5 instead of cookies. This enable the user to temporarily store structured data (Mbatha, 2013, p.67).Although HTML is widely used; only the modern browsers such as maxilla Firefox internet explorer 9 and Google chrome can support it. Currently, HTML does not have the monetization power provided by Google apps and apple stores. Therefore, the users have no middle point they can purchase HTML apps.

Another technology type that i propose for Deva Student Properties that may be applied in developing website is the personal home page (PHP).This is a scripting language that is mostly used in the part of active server pages n UNIX based servers. Personal home page is commonly used to access databases and offers the processing of sever side form and online business. In the same way to the dynamic server page, PHP codes are contained in the body of the HTML pages.PHP codes normally runs on UNIX and Linux based web servers. PHP programming can also run on window-based servers that have interpreters installed. This software delivers web pages web servers in across the web. Example when a URL is typed on the web browser address bar the message of the web server asking for a particular file in the web. As a result, the web server responds by sending the file requested. The browser used then reads, interprets and displays the web page that had been requested. In the case of the Deva properties, applying this web technology will be of great importance since it is to some extent linked with the common used and efficient technology of HTML ( Mbatha, 2013, p.89). PHP offers a link to other web pages. By clicking a given link on the web page, PHP automatically links to another web page as desired. More precisely, when PHP is installed and configured to handle certain files that contain PHP language and statements. However, the PHP software processes the statements before they are sending to the requester (Scobey,et al 2013,p.109).

According to Scobey (2013), upon the processing of the PHP statements, the output and anything else displayed on the screen is sending to the web browser by the web server. The user usually sees the PHP codes since the statements that do not produce any output are not included.PHP offers a developed way of designing and developing websites and dynamic web pages through the application of efficient server-side scripting. It provides many benefits ranging from rich feature, usability and functionality (Kamal, 2002, p.178). For instance, PHP exists free of cost since it is developed by a group developed spread across the globe and none can claim patent intellectual rights of the software. It also has high capability and usability in that it may be used to develop any kind of a website. In fact, some of the world’s most visited websites such as face book, twitter and Wikipedia, were developed using the PHP scripting language. Furthermore, the technology is faster and powerful. It uses space memory that reduces loading time and the workload subjected to the server. It supports almost all major databases and web sites and has high speed that can facilitate the e-commerce a feature that makes it applicable for Deva Properties needs. However, despite the much usefulness this scripting language, it is highly criticized due to its security ( Kamal, 2002,p.287). Since PHP is an open source, bug can access the codes and use them to explore the loop holes in the websites developed. In fact, such web site are prone to hackers a reason why many organization especially business entities shun this technology. Moreover, not everything in PHP is easy as many of the developers propose. Programming for complex tasks in indeed difficult and therefore requires experts with vast experience in script language Scobey et al, 2013, p.234). PHP keeps on changing as the developers across the globe update it to match to technological changes. Due to these changes, even the most experienced experts may encounter challenges in applying the software.

Another technology is the cascading style sheet abbreviated (CSS). This web design technology provides an ability to change the texts appearance such as color spacing and font on the web page (Andriole 2010, p.79). In addition, CSS enables the user to make amendments on the position and appearance of elements on the page.css are also applied in designing front page themes .the cascading style sheet is applied across all pages in the website to give them a uniform look. This gives the web page a good appearance that is attractive to clients. When the browser displays a document, it combines the documents details with its information style. To process this document, the browser interprets and converts the markup language and the CSS into document object model then displays it. The markup language tasks a triangle-like structure. Every element and feature of a text when interpreted in the markup language is called a node. A node is distinguished by the characteristics and relationships to other document object model nodes. Proper understanding of the document object model, assist developers at designing and maintaining the CSS where they link with the document (Andriole, 2010, p.267). This technology is gaining acceptance due to its benefits that enhance usability and offers an interactive interface. When a change is made on a page, the change automatically is carried out to the other pages in the website .this ensures that the pages are consistent throughout the site. A lot of time is saved a change is need in all the web pages especially with large websites. In addition, CSS reduces the file transfer size by separating the website content from its design language (Kamal, 2002, p.297). Such a document is externally saved and may be retrieved once when makes a request to the website. Importantly, this reduces bandwidth resulting to faster loading rate. It is evident that CSS has high browser compatibility. In the recent times of multi-browser technology, CSS ensures that user finds it to use irrespective of the browser used. All browsers support the technology. This increases the adaptability of the website enabling many users to access in the manner the developer initially intended. Also, of importance is the fact that CSS allows the web developer to make the website available to many media (Kamal, 2002, p. 303). Student’s accommodation being a problem that is faced by many learners has a leaf to brow from the CSS. Since CSS allows markup pages to be displayed in diverse viewing techniques, it best solves the problem. With these numerous advantages to offer CSS is by far the best technology that uniquely solves the problem of Deva properties.CSS may be used either to create a new website or to upgrade an existing one.

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           Another important web development technology that is available and appropriate for use by Deva student properties is the MySQL.Msy SQL is a standardized language that is used to access data base in the systems. The technology is relational in that it is used to store data for websites that work in conjunction with personal home page (Singer Gordon, 2003, p. 24). Additionally, the software manipulates different tables contained in the database and hence cross references one table to another. SQL is an abbreviation that stands for structured query language and it is through this programming that MySQL was developed (Prechelt, 2010, 143).MySQL is indeed a very robust, fast and relational database management system. This web development technology works by controlling access to data projects and ensuring that multiples users can access it in parallel and at high speed. However, despite the fact that multiple users can access the database, only the authorized users have the privilege to use it (Yager, 2002,p.27 . Deva student’s properties may apply this web technology as it best serves their purpose. Incorporation of the technology in their website development will ensure that only the students have the privileges to access and enjoy the services offered.

MySQL is among the most popular web technologies currently in the market and accessible to many users to serve different functions ranging from home to business data base management. As a matter of fact, MySQL is an efficient software development technology that has been adopted by many multinational companies and other rapidly growing organization in their database management (Taft, DK 2007, p.15). This is because the technology has the capacity to keep their huge volumes of data that are very critical for the opeartionalization of the companies’ systems.

Due to its usefulness; the technology is applied by very big companies such as Google Twitter and Yahoo for keeping their data base. Additionally, although the software is owned by Oracle Corporation, it is free for downloading from the internet hence may be applied even by organizations that are financially unstable. Furthermore, MySQL is high compatible and is supported by most of the server available to users such as maxilla Firefox, internet explorer and apps safaris (Web Development, 2012, p. 155). Consequently, all users can access it irrespective of the server they are using, a fact that makes this web technology very popular in the market. Most importantly is the easy and reliability of the technology which in turn achieves high performance. In addition, this technology is capable of externally storing huge data besides running more than twenty platforms simultaneously. Deva student properties may decide on MySQL since it has many efficient and convenient multi-user interfaces for its administration. For instance, full text search that accelerates and simplifies the search for word document contained in the website (Yager, 2002, P. 52). Furthermore, replication allows for the data base to be copied in other computers thus assuring the user of data safety in the event of system failure. The transaction nature of the technology will to a great extent benefit Deva student’s properties due to its functionality. The system executes several data base as a block therefore ensuring that, either the system correctly executes all operation or none at all (Singer Gordon, 2003, p. 36). This holds in the event of computer crash, power failure and any other mishap. For example, no money can be withdrawn from an account and fail be deposited in another as a result of an operation error. Once the first stage is executed, the corresponding phase occurs automatically.


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