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Retailing Essays

GNC Inc.

Absolutely amazing, that’s all I can say about the corporate structure of GNC. As with any jumping on fads there are always going to be someone to try to take advantage of consumers; welcome to the wonderful world of GNC. This company is no different than any other company, low …

The Impact of Pilferage on Inventory Shrinkage

A.                 Background on the Study             Inventory shrinkage is one of the biggest expenses in the retail industry today.  No single retailer is immune from this phenomenon.   Each dollar of missing inventory at cost results in a dollar less of not only gross but net profit as well for the …

Foreign Literature in Pos

Over the years, more enhancements were made to the cash registers until the early 1970s, when the first computer-driven cash registers were introduced. The first computer-driven cash registers were basically a mainframe computer packaged as a store controller that could control certain registers. These point of sale systems were the …

Industry Analysis: Automotive Retailing and Trade in the Philippines

Several years ago, the Philippine automotive industry was quite small in terms of share in value added in manufactuing, the number of players and its production if compared to countries like Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. But this did not end there, from then on the automotive industry started to continuing …

Growth of Online Consumerism in UK

Understanding the customer behaviours should move along with customer expectations, customer requirements and their purchasing trend. Since there are several internal and external factors which impact the consumer buying decisions, the consumer buying process is multifaceted. These factors that influence the purchasing decision of an individual is manifested in the …

Report on Topshop

So who are the main competitors to TopShop? Ironically, Miss Selfridge from the same group is a key competitor but TopShop also view Debenhams, H&M, New Look Group, French Connection and House of Fraser, and of now that everything is gone digital there are extreme amounts of pressure put on …

Online Ordering with Inventory

1.1 Background of the company The company started by its founder Napoleon Arienza, whose background of expertise could be traced from humble beginning as a typical tailor, to a well-trained, inventive maestro. The company originated with the founder’s decisive move to produce custom- made suits and barongs for personally known …

Avon Case

I. Problem Statement When Jung took over, there was no definite strategic vision for Avon. Avon reps had no common goal to work towards, and this was translated in their work, which led to the brand having no evident personality even for the consumers. Along with the lack of strategy …

Shopping Centers and Their Role in Today’s Society

Mall of America, King of Prussia Mall, Sawgrass Mills, and The Shops at Columbus Circle are a few popular shopping malls to name. What do all these malls have in common? They have a connection of being huge shopping centers with the perfect layout of stores that attract the right …

Evaluation of an Online Shopping Service for Groceries

Introduction Marketing Management and Distribution via Internet platform directly to the customer (B2C) is rapidly gaining importance, because consumer show an increasing demand of individual contact. According to Keller [Keller_2006, p. 12f] online business has already become a professional distribution channel to be reckoned with. Therefore marketing activities via e-mail …

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