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Entrepreneurship Essays

My Interest in the Business Is Influenced by My Family

As a successful real estate entrepreneur, my father consistently keeps me exposed to the charm of business worlds. My ultimate career goal is to be a successful entrepreneur to expand my family’s business in multiple sectors such as high tech and entertainment, surpassing my father’s current achievements. In order to …

A Comparative Discussion of Different Approaches to Entrepreneurship

1.0 Introduction:There is no a universal theory exists in entrepreneurship by now. The entrepreneurship consists of several different approaches including psychological, sociological, anthropological, economic and regional science areas.Each school has its own opinion, so does every scholar. For example, Robert Hisrich mentioned (1985) entrepreneurship is the process of creating something …

Are Entrepreneurs Born or Made

The term entrepreneur is not a recent invention. It was first coined in the eighteenth century by Richard Cantillon, who identified the risk-bearing function of an entrepreneur (Jennings et al. 1994). According to Morrison (1999 p30), entrepreneurs can be regarded as “first among equals in the process of wealth creation”. …

Small Business Idea: Beautiful Beginnings

To begin a new business, there must be an initial idea for a specific business plan. The business plan will provide the essential guidelines that explain what services or products that business would want to provide, the action behind the selection of that business for specific product, and the financial …

Small Business Failures

Starting a business is a risky venture. Several studies have shown that over 30 percent of new small businesses fail within the first two years of establishment and more than 50 percent completely go out of business. The latest research by Small Business Administration (SBA) shows that two thirds of …

Small businesses in Zimbabwe

In this study we are going to explore possible causes leading to failure of Small to Medium businesses. In today’s economic environment Small to Medium enterprises is viewed as a driving for the growth of economies (Wenneckersa and Thurick, 1990. Small firms are defined on the grounds of measure such …

Start-up costs of a small business

According to Scarborough (2013) very few entrepreneurs have adequate personal savings needed to finance the complete start-up costs of a small business: many of them must rely on some form of debt capital to launch their companies. Cornett et al. (2015) also stated that debt is utilized by numerous corporations …

Advising a Small Business on HRM Planning

Introduction: Tibet Travel is a holiday company which was set up in 1990 by Mr Amar Akbar Anthohy. Using his savings Amar opened a small bucket travel shop near the High charted flights tickets to three major destinations in Tibet – Tumbai, Theli, and Toa. The business developed quickly. Amar …

Entrepreneurial Traits

Question 1: Describe Cecilio Kwok Pedro’s entrepreneurial traits? Do you think he is a good entrepreneur? Why? 1. Cecilio Know Pedro’s has excellent entrepreneur’s traits which are as follows: a) As a young entrepreneur he became stronger upon facing each challenge in his business circle with continues effort. Since the …

Entrepreneurship: the Future for Our Youth and Our Economy

America’s economic success in the world has been based on entrepreneurship. The hypothesis that entrepreneurship is linked to economic growth finds its most immediate foundation in simple intuition, common sense and pure economic observation: activities to convert ideas into economic opportunities lie at the very heart of entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is …

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