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Delivering High-quality Education to Young People

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You’ve probably heard that our schools are lacking education. Our hours have been cut down and we don’t have a lot of time to work on our work in class. American school systems have been falling dramatically.

In Minnesota just 23 percent of the district is in the top third of spending were also among the top third in achievement. In Florida, only 17 percent of the states highest in spending distracts. But after controlling for factors outside the districts control, the school system has one of the highest rates of per student expenditures in the state, spending over $1,600 more per student than the state average and almost $3,000 more than the national average.

Delivering high-quality education to young people across the globe calls for the mobilization of considerable resources: teaching and non-teaching staff, schools and classrooms, books and other educational materials. Public education systems across GPE countries are under considerable financial pressure, particularly in light of the large and growing proportion of youth of school age.

It is as delightful as to those who first try it, it is surprising to find the many opportunities for instilling improving remarks, which occur in the course of giving a lesson in any branch of education. Besides reading the subject matters, how many occasions for judicious observations present themselves. Klein, a former assistant attorney general who led the Department of Justice’s antitrust case against Microsoft, was appointed head of the nation’s largest public school system in 2002. Nothing resembling management exists in U.S. public education today, he said. Rather, the system is based on three pillars — life tenure, lockstep pay and seniority. ‘All these things working together play themselves out every day in public education in ways that would be unimaginable to people outside the system,’ he said. ‘We don’t pay for performance in our industry. There’s no real accountability in the system.’

‘I think we can reform urban education in this country,’ Romer said. ‘It’s got to be based on ways in which we really lay out the possibilities to teachers, parents and students that there is a great satisfaction and reward for reaching high levels of learning.’

Deborah Stipek, dean of the School of Education, said during the afternoon panel on education that the No Child Left Behind Act is creating new problems. ‘We’re going to find, down the road, that students can pass tests but have no critical thinking,’ she said. ‘Writing is more than filling in a blank.’ U.S. Rep. Mike Honda, D-Campbell, said classroom instruction suffers because so much time is spent on tests.

The panel also weighed in on teacher training, incorporating modern business practices into schools and making the system more accountable. The speakers agreed that good teachers should be rewarded with merit pay. ‘We need to end the crazy irrationalities in the system where physics and gym teachers, and good and bad teachers, are paid the same,’ said Chester Finn, president of the Thomas B. Fordham Foundation.

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