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Competition Generally Has More of a Negative Than a Positive Effect

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Competition has become integral part of the society. It has both positive and negative effects. However, the effects created by the competition in a society have many advantages, by which the society can be benefited greatly.

Many people believe that, having competition in the society helps them better. People may limit themselves in their perspectives about an issue. But, competition reveals different sides of the issue, which might help them, gain better information. For instance, international world conferences are conducted for all the doctors because, they get to exchange knowledge they gained over the years, also learn in great amounts from such conferences. Even though, there is lot of competition among those doctors, there are more benefits out of such meetings than having a negative effect.

Another reason that can be cited is, some people believe strongly that they can perform efficiently, only if there is heavy competition. For example, students do group or combine studies before their exams. It not only helps them look at the points, they might tend to overlook, but also helps them to motivate because of the competition. Additionally, they may not perform well, if they attempt to do the same alone. Therefore, there are more positive effects by having competition in the society.

Others might cite that, competition can easily create many negative effects in the society. For example, when there is competition, students develop inferiority complex about their abilities, and feel that they are not capable enough for anything. It is likely that such complexes are developed in a student if there is constant bad comparison about their abilities with other students, which weakens their critical thinking. Such examples are very less these days because of changes that happen in student’s curriculum. These days everyone is good at something or other. There is no way, that students can be compared with the current education systems. Besides, teachers and parents are trying their best to encourage students in everyway possible and help them improve by creating healthy and positive competition.

In sum, I concur to the point that, competition does have effects on the society. It has many advantages than having disadvantages. It not only helps the individual to motivate but also, tries to give a different side of the perspective. Hence, competition has become a necessity for a society, which can help to develop the society into a successful and productive one.

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