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Competition Essays

The level of competition in a market influences pricing and output decisions

“Competition refers to the process of active rivalry between the firms operating in a market as they seek to win and retain buyer demand for their brands”. (Pass & Lowes 1994) In any business, competition is necessary for companies to strive towards a more successful organisation. If a company had …

The Role of Competition in Industrial History of Japan

Japan has the most outstanding industrial development among Asian countries. It can be compared to the development in many big countries such as Germany, Britain, France and United States. However, the development of industry in Japan has its own uniqueness. Japan industrial development was mainly caused by its decision of …

Competition in Smartphone Markets

Recent decades have seen the increasing competition among smartphones markets where high-technology firms are keen on developing strategies to engage the competition. Smartphones collapsed, “the boundaries between previously distinct devices” (Kenney and Pon, 2011, 240). Surprisingly, few previous studies have investigated that the underlying idea behind smartphone competition leads to …

Marketing Strategy

When more than one company offers the same kind of product, each company only receives a percentage of all sales of that kind of product. This percentage is called a “market share,” and any effort to take some of the market share away from one company and bring it to …

Kriss & Perfect Competition

“The single most important concept in the history of economic analysis is perfect competition” – Peter Cochrane    (Machovec 1995, p.1)      Kriss holds the view that business competition is becoming more like the economic model of perfect competition. However, in this essay I will argue the case both for and …

Economics and Perfect Competition

1.A perfectly competitive firm faces a price of £14 per unit. It has the following short-run cost schedule: Output |0 |1 |2 |3 |4 |5 |6 |7 |8 | |TC (£) |10 |18 |24 |30 |38 |50 |66 |91 |120 | |(a)Copy the table and put in additional rows for …

Custom: Article Review

Winston, G.C., & Zimmermann D.J. (2000, July). Where Is Aggressive Price Competition Taking Higher Education? Winston & Zimmermann (2000) examine the effects of price competition on colleges, concluding that this could be a “traumatic thing for higher education” (p.9). The authors find many pitfalls in price competition, searching for corroboration …

Effect of Interjurisdictional Competition

Statement of Hypotheses This paper examines the extent of impact of local government structure in the form of interjurisdictional competition on the economic growth.  The issue for discussion is “should the metropolitan areas have one large monolithic local government or should there by many small competitive departments?”  There have been …

The Managed Care System in the U.S

PPO, HMO and POS are often summarized with the term ‘Managed Care’. Managed care is a good health outcome relatively than medical intervention. Not every visit to a doctor is required; nor is every test conducted, every medication prescribed, or every placement in an intensive care unit going to produce …

Nouveau Event Planning

Analysis: Competitor Threat Campana is currently facing threat from existing competitors and new entrants. The threat of substitution is high when the competitor, Odyssey, can offer a similar or lower price-performance than Nouveau Planning. Although Nouveau Planning operates within a mature market, the lack of barrier can force Nouveau to …

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