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Public Relations Essays

The Professionalism of the Public Relations Industry

            The term professionalism is defined as the “skill, competence, or character expected of a member of a highly trained profession” (Microsoft Corporation). This definition from the Encarta Dictionary of Microsoft Corporation denotes the fact that professionalism is an expectation from a person called professional to act or demonstrate characteristics …

The Societal and Organizational Functions of Public Relations

The function of public relations is to effectively manage communications between an organization and its publics. (Grunig 1992) It is an accepted position in organizational theory that organizations like humans exist and function within the larger environment and like other organisms, their relationship with the environment is very crucial for …

Ancient Origins of Public Relations

Ancient civilizations and medieval society offer glimpses at public relations-like activities. Ptah-hotep, the advisor to one of the ancient Egyptian pharoahs, wrote about 2,200 BCE of the need for communicating truthfully, addressing audience interests, and acting in a manner consistent with what is being said. Archeologists have found ancient bulletins …

Public Relations – Past Year exam Papers

1. Crises are often categorised as being either ‘python’ or ‘cobra’ events, requiring different PR approaches to handle them. Choose one of each type of crisis to describe and illustrate the differences. Go on to describe ideal PR strategies for anticipating and handling each, critically evaluating common mistakes made in …

Public Relation

Public Relations is the knowledge that relates to company’s Public Relation policies and management, creating and managing company image by means of Press Release, advertising and company’s presentations. There are some benefits of PR; it can build a strong sense of corporate identity by promoting its good image to the …

Ethics In Public Relations

Ethics in the field of Public Relations Public Relations (PR) is a growing field today. Many people view the profession as unethical, because its goal is to influence public opinion. Just a few unethical people can tarnish an image of a whole field. One of the first people to use …

Creativity in public relations

Public relation (PR) is the art of spreading information through management, between individual(s) or organization(s) and the general public. This can be through, an individual or the organization getting exposure with their audience, using topics that are of the public interest and the news items not requiring instant payment. The …

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