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Chemistry Case Study

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Liannys Polanco 02.05 Electron Arrangement and EMR: Line Spectra Lab Worksheet Before You Begin: You may either copy and paste this document into a word processing program of your choice or print this page. Procedure

Access the virtual lab and complete the experiments.
Part One (Flame Test):
Create and complete a data table for Part One of the lab. It should include the name of the element (or unknown) examined and the color of the observed flame

Identify each unknown from Part One of the lab and briefly explain why you identified each unknown as you did. The first unknown element sodium knew it was because she got yellow and each element corresponded a unique color. The second element potassium knew it was because I acquired a blue color, in the experiment verified that each element corresponded to a different color. Part Two (Spectroscopy):

Create and complete a data table for Part Two of the lab. It should include the name of the element, the colors, and the wavelength values of the observed lines. Describe the line spectrum of the star. Give the color and wavelength value of the five brightest lines in the spectrum. Line in star spectrum Color Wavelength

1 violet 405nm
2 violet 410nm
3 Violet/blue 420nm
4 blue 440nm
5 blue 445nm
6 green 500nm
7 Green/yellow 550nm
8 Green/yellow 560nm
9 yellow 580nm
10 orange 620nm
11 orange 630nm
12 red 650nm
13 red 680nm
14 red 690nm
15 red 700nm
16 Dark red 710nm
17 Dark red 715nm
18 Dark red 725nm

Explain, in your own words, why different elements produce different colors of light when heated. Each element has a unique electron configuration. When heated, the electrons are energized and this leads to a higher quantum state. The color depends on the distance you have and the original electron configuration. Why do you think elements must be heated before they emit colored light?The light color is the electronic transitions between orbitals. When an electron drops to a lower orbital energy, releasing a photon, which we perceive as light. For electrons to reach higher energy orbital energy should be applied. To release energy as light, the first element to be absorbed energy. The energy absorbed by the material may be in the form of electromagnetic radiation, heat or electricity. Electrical conduction electrons absorb energy and higher energy levels move. What element do you think is the most abundant in the star that you observed in Part Two? Explain your answer. Hydrogen is the most common element it goes through nuclear fusion, which turns them into new elements and number of the atoms increases rapidly.

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